Bass Swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Scudley Do Right, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. That is a generous offer but, don't feel obligated to do so. If you don't want your fly you can pm me and I will be glad to have it. Sounds like they are going to start rolling in, I will keep everybody posted.
  2. I went Cray-zee!!!

    2014-05-05 20.54.27.jpg
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  3. Looks like we have a nice group of flies. I pmed Ira and he is out so I am going to tie something else up in his place.
  4. My cat got into my swap flies and destroyed three! The desk was covered with feathers, but she climbed up a bookcase and went for the complete flies. I'll be getting some new chartreuse marabou tomorrow and then send them out. :mad:
  5. got Sanker, Ron Henry and Randall Clark today
  6. jersey's flies came today
  7. Ok, the flies are in the mail and the photos are up in the gallery.
  8. Scudley thank you so much, well done fellas!! looking forward to getting them wet this weekend.
  9. Scudley, got mine today! Great looking flies! Thanks to all that participated! Ron
  10. My flies arrived yesterday. You folks did a GREAT job!!! I will make an effort to post a photo of your fly in the mouth of a fish. Thanks to all of you for participating.


  11. Would one of you guys please take a group photo of the patterns you received and post the image? I'd like to see what everyone tied.

  12. Gat, they are in the gallery in fly swaps 2014 I think.
  13. Yup... they're there. I forgot about the gallery. Thanks!
  14. The flies came today. Very nice. Thanks to everyone.
  15. Just got back from vacation and found the flies in the mailbox. They look great. Mr. Sanker's hair frog is extra nice, and I'm really impressed by Jersey's wire bending on the weed guard. Scudley's fly looks big, but is really light and will be easy to cast with my 6wt. I can't wait to fish them all.
  16. Randall and David, you guys get your flies?
  17. I did, thanks! And they are sweet. After Springers wind down, I'm getting back to some quality ditch pickle time. Fly oR diE.
  18. Some photos from Sunday. My goal was a fish for everyone's bug, but I left a box at home.. knucklehead move. Hopefully, I'll complete the task this weekend. One photo, not of our bugs, is a hog who "sipped" a number 2 umpqua frog deep. Hope you can see em, not too savy with the uploads

    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 20140518_092212.jpg
  19. Thesankers frog works from Sonoma to the Canadian boarder. I also got one on the senko, but the fly fell out before I got a pic.

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  20. oh, I did indeed...been crazy with other stuff, haven't wet a single one yet. That'll change soon.

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