Bass under the dock at Ballinger

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Rory McMahon, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. I drove down to Ballinger today just to check it out, ive actually never been there. I hadn't planned it so i didn't have my fly rod with me. I walked on the dock, there were 3 guys using powerbait. One guy had 2 fish on a stringer hanging down in the water. I looked down to see this huge bass eying the trout. And when i say huge is mean HUGE. It would have to be close to 10 lbs. It was probably around 27-29".
  2. Thanks for the heads up, since Ballinger is 2 blocks from me it makes a great after work spot to hit.
  3. Ya i live like about two blocks away too so may have to stop by there
  4. Someone just broke the Largemouth world record with a 29 in. fish. I seriously doubt there was one that big in Ballinger.
  5. There are some huge Bass in that lake. Used to see the gear boys pulling some big ones out back in the day when I used to fish with bait.

  6. I've caught quite a few in the 3-6 pound range there. I've spent very little time targeting them but when I would fish for them had quite a bit of "luck".
  7. I'll bet that bass has a doctorite in fishing gear.....takes some smarts to get that big and cruise that close to people without getting caught.
  8. My advice is . . . next time you hook that little 6" stocker trout, let him swim for a bit. ;)
  9. Had a Bass at Lake Desire for many years that would strip people stringer of trout. For years people tried to catch it. Far as I know no one ever did. Used to be pretty funny to some one pull a stringer out of the water to find their trout dinner gone.
  10. Bass have a bad reputation as a non-native species but they got some smarts! The more I fish for them, the more I respect them.
  11. They are a non-native species best served with a little lemon pepper cooked on a cast iron skillet with butter. Mmmmmmmmm.....
  12. I thought the bass in washington were considered dangerous to eat because of mercury.
  13. I don't think a bass every once in a while is going to do anything to your guts. Besides there are plenty of clean bass lakes around here.
  14. Statewide Bass Advisory: Women of childbearing age and children should consume NO more than 2 meals of bass per month. A study of 20 lakes and rivers in Washington State revealed that smallmouth and largemouth bass had elevated levels of mercury.
  15. They wouldn't be my main course every night but a couple every now and then go down pretty well. Look at all the other crap we eat. The chicken we eat grow to adult/eating size in what.... a week.

    Can you say steroids?

    We camp at Lk Roosevelt every year and they are part of the health advisory Alpine put up. We eat smallmouth maybe every other day for a week and that's pretty much it for the year. But, boy do they taste yummmmmmmy. The diesel exhaust coming out of all those damn buses worries me even more.;)
  16. Well, i might have been overestimating now that i think about it, but not by much. It was atleast 25", and im guessing around 27". Im sure that fish has seen every jig, spinnerbait, and soft plastic. But has it seen a 6 inch olive bunny leech?
  17. My Wife grew up on Ballinger. One of her brothers use to dive for golf balls, so, he spent a lot of time down on the bottom. I could tell you a few things:rofl: Butt, that would be giving up the family secrets. I don't want them sending someone after me!!!

    On a more serious note. If your going to take fish from that lake, better stick to the planters.
    Ballinger is a man made lake, in a city. All of it's water, came from peoples yards and two golf courses.
    To get as big as described, the bass are four to five years old. Think of all the accumulated pcb's and heavy metals they are carrying around.

    If you want to go after the big old boys, try a bait pattern, trolled slow and low.
    Good luck.
  18. He is right. The way they catch HUGE bass on some California Lakes is by trolling ultra-realistic rainbow trout lures in the 10-16" range....BIG... It is pretty rediculous. Anyway, I have caught my biggest bass trolling huge disgusting streamers slowly along weed beds at around 10 feet deep. All the biggest bass come while fishing so slow it is crazy. I used to cast rubber lizards and retrieve them at one spin reel crank turn every 2 minutes! No joke! Go big and SUPER SLOW MOTION. Oh and don't weight your flies. Bass HATE weight and spit stuff out REALLY fast if it is heavy.
  19. I used to live in that area. I did since 1956. I don't recall anybody saying that this is a man made lake. If is was it was made before you or I were born. There used to be a house on that island in the middle of the lake. But a few kids in the summer time went over there and burned it down. Fire dept. couldn't put out the fire as their hoses weren't long enough.

    Just a little history.

  20. i have seen that bass too. i was there a week or so ago and i almost caught it too. i was trout fishing and saw him swim by. i totaly believe you Rory. and yes it was atleast 10lbs.

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