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Discussion in 'Events' started by miyawaki, May 10, 2010.

  1. miyawaki

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    Saturday, May 22, 1:00PM – Free Bassin’ Seminar

    Looking for something new? Tired of turning on the Versus channel and seeing only the “bubbas” catching big bass? Well, this school is for you. Mike Ainsworth has been fly fishing for largemouth bass in our local lakes for a number of years now and will pass on what he knows. And the best part is that it’s on our side of the state, in fact, most lakes are in our backyard!

    Orvis Bellevue
  2. Zack Dudley

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    Is it at the bellevue shop??
  3. miyawaki

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    Yes it is.

    10223 NE 10th St.

  4. Zack Dudley

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    Nice, thanks leland
  5. miyawaki

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    Here's what we're talkin' bout

  6. Zack Dudley

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    nice smallie!
  7. miyawaki

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    Dov gets into the act with a smallie. He'll probably spill his guts Saturday!
  8. miyawaki

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    A bump to remind
  9. flybill

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    I'll swing by and check it out! Maybe even have some libations for the post event... :)
  10. eric d

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    It was great getting to finally meet you yesterday. You and everyone else have been a valuable resource over my first year of fly fishing.

    A big thank you for putting on the seminars! I look forward to attending more this year along with the Jimmy Greene Fly Fishing Expo.

    See you all there.

  11. Denny

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    Sorry I couldn't make it, man; I was out on a lake in Oregon . . catching bass and crappie! :)