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  1. Scott Behn

    Scott Behn Active Member

    Damn with the local lake temps around 60F I've been in my usual spring "hot flashes". I've been trying lately to no avail, but that is also probably because of my lack of a boat, so I'm always down at the usual dock here and trying for some gorgeous bronzebacks.
    Hasn't anyone else had any opportunities or successes here on the wetside or am I all alone?
    We have had some great shots come into the shop as of late of some nice sized smallies, so I know they are there...

  2. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    I don't know but I'm thinking of hitting a couple spots this summer with a 7 weight. certain spot on Lake WA...and Roesiger....figure I can always get a few perch if the the Bass have gonna sleep.
  3. Kevin J. Burnham

    Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

    Scott, I'm a south end guy so I'm not up on the spots north but . The largemouths are now on the beds and should be for maybe a couple of weeks. The Smallies should be not far off on lake Washington. Again I fish the south end of the lake so thats the part I know best. Even if you have a pontoon you can get to them. My son got this one this past week. I missed several on the fly that were as big as this one and the lake this one came from would be easy in a tube or pontoon. Keep after them you'll get em !!!!
  4. Swandazi

    Swandazi Kevin

    I've had some sucess on some of the smaller lakes on my float tube, i've been cathing 1-2 small mouth between 8-10in every hr, try thowing a popper up against the docks, lillypads, right up against the shore, sumbmerged logs, and overhanging vegitation. And you should be able to hook up with a few.

    (see avatar) (its not to big but i can get them consistantaly)
  5. Smalma

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    Scott -
    Not surprised that you are seeing the guys bring some smallies in - here in Snohomish County the Smallies moved up on their beds and the guys typical pound the crap out of the males on the beds. The smallies started bedding in late April and probably will be on them through at least next week. Suspect the largemouth are also bedding or will be with the next stretch of nice weather.

    I fished couple of the local lakes (including Stevens) prior up to the onset of the spawning (used gear). Caught at least some fish every day (began in late March) with the best fishing the last couple trips. Largest smallie can from Stevens -at 20 inches (5#?) and largest LMB was 23 inches (7+#?). I have been shocked at the increase in folks targeting bass - had fished bass much in the last 5 years and I would say there has to be at least 3 times as many anglers on the water as there was in the 1990s - Makes the fishing a lot tougher.

    The last trip was on Goodwin where the some of the smallmouth were on the beds. I did well targeting the largemouth on shallow docks and the staging pre-spawn smallmouth. There were at least 16 other bass boats on Goodwin that day (a weekday) and they all seem to be really targeting the smallies on the beds. Some of the more obvious beds had to have been fished on 20 times during the course of the day. Those males were taking a beating and saw one dead fish. I have decided to leave the bass alone now until things settle down after the spawn. Looking forward to throwing some poppers in the early morning or evening and using the sinking line on some of the shelfs post spawn.

    Tight lines
  6. Hooked up with a one nice one on both. Usual spots using usual stuff. So far it's been a heckuva lot slower than it was the last couple years though.

    Yeah, I've noticed a lot more people targeting Bass the last couple years. :hmmm: I blame the televised ass masters tournament
  7. Scott Behn

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    Yeah I hear ya Curt...I have alot of guys come into the shop talking about low flows and warmer temps so they just go to the lakes and fish for the warmwater species or take to the salt. I have always had a blast on some of our local Snohomish county lakes for both bass and asorted panfish.

    Went out again this morning and one fellow fishing water smooth as glass and that guy was fighting a monster trip. It looked to be a solid 24" and bright as can be, it looked just like a hatchery steelie fresh from the salt. That was all I saw this morn...

  8. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    Geez..I haven't seen that one yet...sounds crackin.. :clown:
  9. WaFlyCaster

    WaFlyCaster Tricoptera

    i have to agree that in the last 10 years bass fishing has picked up bigtime in our state.... ive been fishing many of the washington lakes on the west and east side for smallies and largemouth... it used to be a on a weekend you might find one or two bass boats out on a given "good" bass lake... now on a given weekday my local bass lake.. (tapps)... has many many bassn boats on on it... i dont even bother going on the weekends anymore. Not to mention the damn other boat traffic. I also wanna know why alot of these so called bass anglers ive encountered lately have started to keep the larger smallies they keep???? I mean do they really wanna poison themselves (heavy metals) and destroy a good bass lake???
  10. suckegg

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    Well I even noticed an increase in bass anglers on the Columbia. Having said that it's easy to locate your own 5 mile stretch of water....
    Given the average size relative to the Potholes or other lakes etc. you would think it would be more popular. The big river Smallie's seem tougher fighters too. All in all it remains virtually untapped as I see it.
  11. Josh Benjamin

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    cast for bass tournament on lake wa first weekend in june. i think it would be cool to have a bunch of flyfishers out there in the tourney
    heck it's for a good cause
  12. DOH! looks like I forgot a letter.:)
  13. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    CAST (Catch A Special Thrill) for Kids is a great organization. My family and I have participated in one of their events for the past 4 years, really a great group!