Batson 1088 10'6" 8wt. Switch

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by CHUCK DIMIDIO, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Add on question:

    Does anyone know if the Rainshadow blanks are listed in singlehand line weights (making an 8 more like a spey 6) or if they are "spey" weights? I read a couple threads on speypages that indicated that they were singlehand weights.
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  3. I had that rod once. I had and SGS Scandit for that one. The belly was around 19' and weighed 315 grains. The floating tip was around 7' and weighed around 65 grains. Totall for floating set up was close to 27' 378 grains.

    The 315 grain belly handled T tips just fine. But if you wanted to load the rod more I'm sure 350 to 375 might be good and maybe 400 as Josh suggest.

    For Scandi 325 to 375 might be a place to start. Its a single hand rating rod. Super sweet stick!
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  4. I had that same rod and found exactly what Josh had said. I also used a scandi and exlicer right around 370-400grains. I sold the rod and wish I never did. Loved the flex into the handle. Guess at that time I did not know what I knew now about casting and lines.
  5. I have a 400 skagit short on mine. I woudn't go heavier.
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  6. I had a couple of Batson 12'6' rods built for my nephews. They are lined with Ambush lines and cast very nicely.
  7. I built a rod on that blank and it sure handles like a single handed 8 for me. Disappointing as a rod for big salmon (I wanted more of a spey 8 or at least a spey 7) but great on small chum :)

  8. Batson switch blanks are stated in single handed weights. Frustrating as they are one of the few and do not state that clearly. From what I understand Gary Anderson consulted on this line of rods. Steve Godshall (SGS) on Speypages has lots of experience with these and can make a matched line for them.
    I have an 8wt and 5wt waiting to be built up.
  9. Right on,
    I am building this rod right now, and already have a 420 Skagit Compact for one of my other rods.
    Should finish the build this weekend. I'll try it out ASAP and report back.

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