Batson Forecast Spey Blank

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Shining Path Gorilla, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Shining Path Gorilla New Member

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    I am looking for some feedback on the Forecast Spey Blank from Batson, particularly the 13ft and 14ft models. I have an old (20 years) #10 orvis DH rod and am interested in something new but not ready to take the plunge with a high $ rod.

  2. Banzai FFing and VWs...Bugs & Bugs

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    There have been several Batson/Rainshadow/Forecast blanks built by members of this forum. Most, like myself, seem pretty pleased with them. Not to put you off, but a seach of this forum will reveal quite a bit of info.
  3. FT Active Member

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    The Batson/Forecast blanks are much stiffer and faster than the old Orvis you have. Don't get me wrong, the Batson/Forecast 2-hand blanks are very good casting blanks (and a tremendous value for the money), they just aren't the slow, full-flex design your old Orvis is. They are tip-to-mid-flex with a much faster recovery than your old Orvis 10 wt 2-hander. Just be aware of this.