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    With my increasing collection of electronic devices . . . e-caller, trail cameras, night lights & regular high-intensity lights all of which use rechargeable LiON batteries, I needed a safe & secure method to transport spares during my various endeavors. Battery boxes are available, but those I found were capacity-limited. The light went on yesterday as I re-organized my storage room (no pun intended) . . . all of my 3.7v batteries fit quite nicely & most securely in a 12/20 ga 3" plastic shotshell box, of which I have several. Just thought I'd pass this along. I'll find the right cartridge box to accomodate AA's.
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    Jim, this thread is very timely given the likelihood that battery operated decoys for waterfowl will be legal in another year or two.(let's not get started on that topic...). I keep my batteries in my refrigerator but they always escape and rattle around when I'm opening the door. The right sized box would help with that issue. Figuring out good storage and care for batteries as well as a good means to retain and dispose of used batteries is important so good on you for the thought.