Bauer Rogue Maintenance after Saltwater Use

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by RLMadison, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. I got my Bauer Rogue wet in the salt for the first time today - just got it for beach fishing.

    Reading the maintenance recommendations after use in saltwater, Bauer suggests removing the fly line and backing; do not immerse in a tub to soak or use high pressure water. Then they suggest lubing all stainless steel components. I'm thinking do that every time would tend to dissuade me from using it.

    Do you folks who use a Rogue in the saltwater do all that every time?


  2. I think that most of us just rinse our reels with a garden hose.
  3. and let the spool\reel dry separately.
  4. I fish my cheapish Redington Rise 3-6 times a week in the salt on average and it never gets rinsed till the end of the season. It stays strung up in my truck until the chums are gone. I can't even contemplate taking the line off once a month, let alone every time I use it.
  5. I use an old Hardy / Scientific Anglers System 9 for saltwater salmon fishing. Like others, I simply rinse the reel and spool in fresh water after each use, at the same time as I rinse off the rod. The reel is 30 years old, with no signs of corrosion.

    The instructions for your reel probably assume that "saltwater" is the ocean, or a place like the Caribbean. Puget Sound has much lower saline levels. If you were fishing in the tropics, more care would be required.

  6. I just put my reel in warm water for a bit then rinse real good under the facet. I do oil it up when dry and it's ready to go again.
  7. I have noticed the lower saline levels here. I can go a day of fishing and not notice any visible salt on my rod and reel, but fishing for 30 minutes in Hawaii and you already see it building up.

    Growing up my dad always told me that you don't want to soak your reel in water because that causes the reel grease to dry up faster, or something like that, so I just use a garden hose to rinse off my reel and fly rod.
  8. I take out the spool on my fly reel and soak the spool. I then wipe down the reel and grease it then put the spool back in. my other reels I only rinse off. if they start to get sticky I will tear em down and clean and grease em.
  9. You have a great reel in the Bauer Rogue and you should definitely be using it in the saltwater. I own 3 Bauer reels that I've fished in the salt over several years and have not had any failures (not even close). I follow Bauer's recommendations to rinse the reel in fresh water, air dry by taking off the spool, wipe down the fly line with a damp microfiber cloth, and using a Q-tip to apply ReelX to exposed stainless steel parts and the cork drag (if your model has one). I do not remove the backing after fishing the salt. However, it is wise to replace the backing every other season of fly fishing the saltwater. This is due to mineral accumulation in the backing that can cause sharp edges or bind up the backing (bad news if you hook a monster).
    The cleaning becomes an easy routine at the end of the fishing day and takes 5 minutes at the most. Never leave your salty reel on the rod in a closed rod case overnight. At the very least dry it off and remove the reel from the rod.

  10. Ho's e it dow_n.

    JK, dimebrites got it. Nice reel btw, I like em.

  11. Coming from someone who may or may not have a broken a Hatch, Lamson, and Abel in the same season I will say this; I have yet to break a Bauer or Nautilus reel. Sure there might be some rust on the part where the doohickey goes into the thing-a-ma-bobber, but the Bauer still functions flawlessly, albeit there are a number of scratches fut buckit, the thing still works. My Nautilus may or may not have a few superficial injuries but again she still works fine with enough silky smooth drag to stop a 10lbs coho from ever seeing backing.

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