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  1. Will be coming through during Memorial week and what are some must places to fish as we'll be heading north on the 97 through Redding and onto Klamath Falls. I have a general idea, but some suggestions would be appreciated as my time will be limited on the water due to the wife and two young kids. Its really more of an exploration for a return trip.

    1. Trinity tailwater below the dam, where is the nearest access point that allows for bank angling/wading?

    2. Lower Sacramento, Below Shasta dam or perhaps into Redding, are there relatively easy locations where it might be accessed and fished?

    3. Klamath Falls, any suggestions here?

    4. Crane Prarie Reservoir, I'll be withOUT a boat, but I've read and salivated over this place. I don't even mind casting from the bank and using Chironomids and or big Dragon fly imitations as I've heard there are some big hogs in there.

    5. Bend, Can it be fished in downtown, Deschutes river?

    Thanks for the suggestions, my time is going to be limited, like an hour or two at max at each location, so I'd like to maximize my chance to connect with a sampler from each of these locations.
  2. Travis Bille

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    I live over in Eureka, but I've only been in California for a few months. That's my disclaimer in case I steer you the wrong way.
    1. Trinity- I believe they will be absolutely douching water from the dam in May to flood it and provide habitat for all of the hatchery fingerlings they release. I don't think it drops back into shape until June. Highway 299 from Redding to the Trinity is REALLY twisty, so if your kids get carsick and puke, this is a bad choice.
    2. Lower Sac- Amazing river! Big trout that fight like mad. However, I think the river is also far too high to wade in May. Watch the flows, I think anything over 7000cfs is too high to safely wade. But there is very good wade access. The only time I fished was behind the Redding Civic center, underneath the famous Sundial Bridge. I would hook a fish and everyone on the bridge would cheer. It was pretty funny.
    3. Klamabama- I went to college here, but didn't fly fish at that time. I have heard that the sprague, wood, and williamson rivers can be good, as well as the Klamath.

    You might consider the upper Sacramento. I have not fished it yet, but it's supposed to be a great river with very good wade access, as it parallels I5 for many many miles. It is also paralleled by train tracks much of the way which makes for easy hiking.

    Like I said, I don't have a lot of experience fishing here yet, but I've been doing my homework for future trips. My best bet would be the upper Sac. I'm sorry if I'm actually full of it and I steer you in the wrong direction
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    Travis is pretty much spot-on. The Trinity will be ramping up any day to 5-9K CFS. It fishes best below the dam at 350-450. Same for the Lower Sac, it's good wading at 4K or less, could be up to 9-12K by then. There are some wade spots that may still be ok at that level, call the Fly Shop and ask Tim Fox. I'd second the Upper Sac or McCloud. Some good Waters if you had a float tube? The Little Deschutes is walkable and Hosmer Lake has Atlantic Salmon as far as Bend area, but I think run-off will come into play at that time of year. I'd think about the Metolious (Sisters) or Crooked River or the Deschutes below Madras; Salmon fly hatch should be on by then. Don't know much about K-Falls, great water but ? is access w/o a boat may be limited.
  4. Great information gentlemen, please keep it coming as you deem helpful. I'll be taking all the suggestions and planning short stops to scope it out for a future return trip. I may be limited in terms of fishing, but will try to wet a line as the road trip progresses forward.
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    Check out the Upper Sac in the Dunsmuir area - some nice, smaller water around there. You can almost hop across the river.
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    Great place to chase some nice Rainbow Trout, also if you are going to be in the area the McCloud can be very good at times.
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    I'll second the Deschutes (all of it). There may still be snow around the little Deschutes that time of year. Check the reports at 'Deschutes River Anglers' as the salmon fly hatch could be on for the lower Deschutes.
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    I can't help you with the North Cal rivers.
    The Deschutes right in Bend is fishable even in high flows, best bet would be just below the COI (Central Oregon Irrigation) dam if the irrigation ditch is open.
    Big browns down in the rocks.
    Have a happy and safe trip.
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