Bay Lake, Pierce County

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by flyteen, Oct 10, 2001.

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    I think some of you know about this place. I will be going there this weekend with my float tube launching from the WDFW boat ramp. I will start off for some bass, and then bluegill. COuld anyone recommend some flies, techniques, and places these fish will be hidin out. Thanks.
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    I fish this lake a couple times a year and always catch bass and bluegills here.Just to the right of the launch is a big brush
    pile that always holds at least one 1 to 2 pound bass wich is big for this lake the average is 10 to 14 inches long largemouth bass of course.Just fish the sumerged logs with big leech patterns and some bass poppers if the sun is out and there is not any wind.For bluegill throw size 10 to 12 woolly
    buggers in shallow around docks and shallow portions of gravel.
    Tiny panfish poppers is the most exiting way to catch these scrapy 4 to 9 inch bluegills.Please C & R ON THE BASS keep all the bluegill you want there is tons of them.I have not fished this lake for a month or so, so please tell me how ya did.You
    can E-mail me at GOOD LUCK. ;-)