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  1. Gregg Lundgren

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    Or... $1 each cleaned. Avalanche of pinks, but fewer sockeye in BC.

    http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/...wasting pink salmon favour/8773217/story.html

    Rebuttal regarding waste:
    http://www.vancouversun.com/Seine f... during aboriginal fishery/8786748/story.html

    “Pink returns have been phenomenally huge,” Kotyk confirmed in an interview Monday. “The processing plants can’t handle the volume anymore. They’re just unable to cope with the quantity of fish.”
    http://www.vancouversun.com/news/me...a rivers pink coho chinook/8778494/story.html
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    Oh don't worry... These dead salmon being dumped are just "bycatch".....
    Excuse me while I go throw up!!!
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    So sad, to hear of tribal and/or commercial fishing bycatch waste. It should be illegal for the big guys to dump fish, just as it is for sport fishermen. Sad thing is that kings are being dumped overboard in Alaska as bycatch of pollock and other white fish. If I had a say, I'd make the commercial guys deliver all of the bycatch to food banks and/or native populations with depleted salmon runs. Storing and delivering the salmon bycatch would be a financial disincentive to netting of the wrong fish.
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    How about shutting it down when there is too much bycatch!
  5. I worked for a while as a fisheries observer up in Alaska and did work on Pollock boats. There is salmon bycatch for sure. I know there is a program, although I do not think it is entirely mandatory, in which the salmon bycatch is given to local food banks. I don't know how large of a program it is or how much of the bycatch they are required to send to food banks. I do know the boats hate getting into salmon as it closes their season quicker and they try to avoid areas where high rates of salmon bycatch have occurred recently. There are ways they try to minimize it. However it is difficult to avoid salmon many times when using large trawl nets that engulf a good section of the water column. It's a complicated and complex issue for sure.

    Biggest bycatch salmon I had to get rid of by slicing the meat and throwing it overboard was 27.5 lbs. It did not feel good.
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    Talk about the world being upside down! I commercially seined and trolled SE AK from1971-1988 and pollock was considered a garbage fish bairly above hake....a truly disgusting fish. And now Salmon is the 'bycatch'??
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  7. +1,000,000
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    the power of Corp America/Government = nothing you can do about it.
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    Steelhead and chum are suffering a similar fate up on the Dean river as well. I've seen similar carnage and wanton waste from tribal fisheries in WA as well, and I'm sure there is commercial waste as well (but I've not seen it personally).

    This video exemplifies exactly why I only eat fish I catch myself. I then know for sure that the fish have been dispatched and preserved properly and bycatch is minimal with as gentle as possible release of unwanted fish.

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