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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Mike, Jul 5, 2009.

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    Decided to head up to BC and try for some larger trout. I have never fished any of the BC lakes before. After a bit of research I decided on a lake in the Nicola Thompson. This involved a 6 hour drive, not having made this trip before and a little time getting misplaced along the way.

    After getting to the nearest community to the lake, I stopped at the BC Visitors Center for local instructions and set further on my way. The office was inside the mining shovel.


    Once I left the paved road and went onto the service roads there was still a another 50 minutes drive. Much of the drive was along a copper mine tailing pond.


    I felt that I was lost and decided to turn around and check out any missed turns I could have taken. As I looked behind me, there was the lake.


    I back tracked and worked my way down to the campground and found myself a spot.


    The next morning the wind had laid down and to was time to fish.


    Fishing was tough. This fish were well educated and selective on the flies that they took. Some folks were doing very well with chronie’s. I did my best sight fishing for cruisers in the shallows near the lakes outlet.


    That evening I spoke with the fellow camped next to me. He had fished the lake several times before and was an experienced BC fly fisher. While he was from Vancouver, I would have to say the most of the car in the camp area had Washington plates. This fellow was a wealth of information on tactics and flies.

    Armed with a few new flies and some new tactics I went out the next morning ready to slay them. Well there is always the learning curve, but after a bit of experimenting things started to happen.



    Unfortunately, so did the wind. By 1:00 the lake was covered with white caps and my boat was being blown all over the place.


    Rather than stay another day and face the possibility of being blown out, I decided to head home and save the lake for another day. Getting home early is always good for a kitchen pass.
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    Great report and awesome photos. I don't know where you were but based on your description, I have a pretty good hunch...one of the lakes I have always wanted to fish. While most of the BC fishers have always been very friendly to me, I wonder what they think of all the Washington dudes invading their water?
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    very cool pictures I would like to do that someday.
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    was up at that same lake June 28 and 29. We fished chronomids in the mornings (bloodworms and black with red ribs). The first day it was so windy from 3-11 that we had to stop fishing and our tent poles snapped in half. Couple caddises came off but not to many. Each day around one there was a nice mayfly hatch, and the second day there was a huge damsel migration. Fishing was tough the first day, but the second day they were really on those damsels, it was a lot of fun. I love that lake, a lot of different opputtunities with its nice shoals and deep holes.

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    Nice pics. Looks like Cutties vs Kamloops Bows in your pics. There is nothing like a Kamloops Bow (landlocked steelhead), but those cutts are a very good size, so I'm sure you had a great time. Yea, its a 6 hr drive from Seattle, and crossing the border back into USA sucks!... (it will take time to recover from the Bush Admin 8 yrs paranoia infused upon the public).... but its worth it to get to quality waters. I have been to BC often over the past 10 years, and one thing is certain.... our Friendly Canucks: 1) respect fishing regulations. 2) prefer fly fishing vs bait fishing. 3) respect the land. Hopefully our northern brothers can withstand the pine beetle infestation. Thank You Canada! Some have lost their way here in the good ol USA. Folks, Trout Unlimited could use your help to correct the lack of angler education, and degradation of waters in our great land. There is no reason that BC should be the only NW location for QUALITY fly fishing. Sure the BC waters are overall more fertile, and there 1000X more lakes, but we can still focus on increasing the C&R and special reg/limited harvest waters in WA.
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    No need to be tight lipped about that lake, but since no one mentioned it I won't either. The BC guys really don't seem to mind us heading up that way and a lot of local fly fishers use that lake extensively. One word to the wise, I've spotted as many as 8 black bears around that lake in one morning. Not sure what attracts them except fishermen. The odds of having your camp ransacked is about as high as anywhere I've been. I have not heard of them coming around at night too much but they can show up at camp as soon as you launch- for lunch ;). All that beetle killed timber is very disturbing and turning into a tremendous fire danger. Around Le jeune they are logging it out as quickly as possible but there's just too many trees and not enough loggers to put much of a dent in the problem.
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    Well , I for one , welcome our Southern brethren . Plenty of water to go around .

    Re : bears . The year of the Greenstone Mountain fire , which I believe was `98 , we had to leave this same lake twice because of aggressive bears . The first time we had to vacate , I counted 13 bears in the campsite area . The only other people there were a father/son team who had had their campsite ransacked while they were out on the lake . We tried , unsuccessfully , to scare the bears off by banging pots & pans . They just looked at us with amusement .The 2nd time there were only 5 bears , but two of them were a momma and cub , and she was grouchy . She was trying to chase the other bears off , and two of the younger bears backed off , but there was a big boar that was`nt so quick to leave . She false-charged us once , and that was enough to convince us to look for greener pastures .

    DISCLAIMER !! , I have also been to this same lake dozens of other times , and have never had any concerns about personal safety . The fire was a big one and pushed a whole lot of bears into a much smaller territory than they would normally be used to .
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    Nice report and pics. Love fishing up in BC and think I reconize the lake in your pics
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    Jackjester your analysis of the border situation is completly out- of- touch with reality. I know it is popular to blame all personal hardships, ills in the world on Bush/Cheney.

    Worked investigations linked to north and south borders for almost 20 years. ( I am down on TX border working this Summer) The average individual has no frigg'n clue what goes on near our borders. Remember the Millenium bomb plot where the terrorists were smuggling explosives to blow up buildings in Seattle? Already forget?

    Do you have any idea how many lbs of dope are seized every day by CPB coming into the US? Hint it is well over 1000's of lbs. Many Murders, pedophiles, rapists, suspected terrorists are stopped, arrested coming into the US every day.

    I work with RCMP sometimes in Canada and they have a big time violent gang/drug problem up there. It is not the peaceful paradise that you think it is.
    More lakes rivers/less people equal better fishing up there


    So next time you have to sit an extra 30 minutes in your car when you cross the border try and remember why
  10. Trout Master Active Member

    Do you have any idea how many lbs of dope are seized every day by CPB coming into the US? Hint it is well over 1000's of lbs.:mad:
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    I'm with ya on the border thing. I have travel to BC for business on a regular basis and to fish my crossings have been relatively easy (except for one self induced problem). Yep, there may be a wait but it is expected so get used to it, not gonna change - nor should it.

    With all the problems in Vancouver, I'm thankful that they check them all at the border. I don't like downtown Vancouver at all.

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    The wind you encountered is very common in the whole highland area. You can usually count on finding a sheltered area or sitting out the afternoons. I remember one day at Leighton when my daughter was younger we were caught out in the wind and I was kicking hard and barely making progress. I was hoping she did not need a tow cause I was not going to be able to give it. We made it closer to shore where there was shelter and eventually back to camp. I have seen people walking back down the shore at Leighton carrying float tubes, easy to do on that lake, not so on most others. When you are in that area don't overlook Logan Lake there are some real lunkers in there, just as there are in the lake you visited. Good to know why there were so many bears around there, it has puzzled me for years. That is an area of high bear population anyway.
  13. Trout Master Active Member

    are these bears ,smarter then your average bears?:rofl:
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    Yogi and Booboo?:beer1:
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    Not to detract from your point, but he was actually intending to pass through Washington on his way to try to bomb LAX. It was more exciting for the local media to hype it up as an attempted attack on the Space Needle though.
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    I'm with you Ribka. I was in Canada during 9/11 hunting geese in Alberta. I thought we'd have a hard time getting back into the USA but you guys were sensible and very professional.
    I sent you a pm on an issue.

    Mike, nice report and I enjoyed those photos.
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    Kamploops is awesome!
    B.C. girls are good lookin!
    Border patrol has to be one of the worst jobs ever, especially patroling the desert in Arizona and TX.
    I got denied entrance into Canada one time for trying to smuggle in a Russian citizen. We were laughing and the Canadian immigration official told us "whether or not you take this seriously the gov't of Canada does" It was hilarious
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    First of all my sincere aplogies to Mike who origianlly posted reagarding BC fishing. Nice pics and report. Sorry to prolong the highjack. WFF is a fishing site. Just po's me when people on here use it for smarmy political remarks

    Alpine trout:
    More ill-informed info. I was there-not true. The target wa snot LAX. I assume that you are not involved in our nation's security or armed forces. (Do not not no why but progressives tend to abhor this area of service.)

    Smoke a blunt-chill, loosen up your birkenstocks., turn on NPR, break out the patchouli oil
    I have over 25 years in military/ law enforcement. A good deal was overseas in many foreign countries. And I even speak a few foreign languages.

    Seeing and experiencing events realtime I see the media has its own agenda. Both right and left wing. I know people of your ilk would love an open borders policy. Again you progressive types have absolutely no clue what is happening in the world be it on our borders or abroad. Most of the time reality is not reflected in the media. Examine the MJ funeral the past week.

    On a side note my fishing buddy is a bigtime progressive Dem. I like nothing better than on a road trip to play Rush or Savage on AM talk on the car radio and to look over when I am driving and see the pained expression on liberal friend's face. AHHH it's the little things in life that make me happy
  19. Trout Master Active Member

    I like nothing better than on a road trip to play Rush .............................................

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing like crusing on the hiway and listening to a oxy doper .:rofl:
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    I have lot more respect in our current culture for a self-made man with a disability ( he is legally deaf and gives millions to charity) than our current president and his wife who had to rely on affirmative action programs ( because they both lacked intellect and skilll sets) to gain their current positions. And they both complain about life in the US. Weird times now in our culture. As mentioned look at the recent MJ tribute. Crazy. James Brown, Hendrix, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker,Al Green etc blow away MJ in talent and music

    Last time I checked Rush is not subsidized with milllions of dollars of tax payer funds like NPR. BTW I have been a listener to NPR for over 30 years. and enjoy it too- sometimes