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  1. I am dreaming of a trip to a BC river/lodge this fall (I know, it's impossible to get a spot, etc., but a guy can dream).

    Anyone have a specific recommendation for someone that's never caught a steelhead outside of WA? What rivers still fish well? What lodges are worth the money? All the public writeups seem to be 3-5 years old when they stopped the Skeena netting.
  2. Well, you should have been at the Puyallup show. Those shows are just packed with BC Lodges talking about the fishing, and some even cater to fly fishing only. I would highly recommend that you hit the Seattle show when it hits town.

    As to the rivers, well reading Trey Comb's book only has me drooling about the chance to get up there and fish the rivers. The farther north you go, the better are your chances. But are you aware of the hideous tax that BC puts on non-resident steelhead fishermen on the world class rivers? Yikes! Check it out, the money is steep, and you only get 7 days per year!

    Rob :SHOCKED
  3. I did go to the show for a few hours, and the ones that were there had their marketing pitch going. I am hoping that someone on this board has been up there recently and can speak from experience. BTW, I love that book too, but all his fishing stories are several years old. This can change fast around here.

    And I'm not aware of the tax; how much is it?
  4. Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    It's $20 Canadian for Class I rivers per day and $10 Canadian for Class II Rivers per day. That's plus your fishing license and classified waters lisense. Not prohibitive, but stings a little.
  5. I fished the Bulkley this fall with a friend. We fished for 5 days and each landed about 5 fish per day. Some with plugs but most on flys. The largest was maybe 16-18 lbs! If you can get there, it could be a great trip. The weather was awful though.


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