BC Travel questions-Bear Spray & Shotguns?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steve Knapp, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I'm headed up to BC next week to swing the Bulkley and was trying to research a couple things. We want to bring bear spray and maybe a shotgun up with us. I got conflicting info on some of my searches, so thought I'd ask. I assume many of you have made the trip before and might have some insight. It looks like the general info site for Canada says shotguns are ok, but wasn't sure if there is any red tape I should know about ahead of time. The site also says mace and pepper spray are prohibited.
  2. You gotta buy your spray in BC after you cross.
  3. There is a lengthy thread on this over on speypages. Take a look and then pm your questions to one of them. It's about fishing and bears in general, but there are Canadians in on the conversation.
  4. I don't know much about this conversation, but I know you don't want to try to cross the border into canada with mace or bear spray. They ask you if you have any at the border pretty regularly.
  5. You can take both bear spray and shotguns into B.C. I routinely cross the border with bear spray. They ask if you have mace or bear spray. Mace is prohibited, ya' know, the tiny little canisters a woman can carry in her pocket or purse. I don't know what logic is employed, if any. I guess they don't want you defending yourself against assailants with mace. Bear spray, however, in the larger, difficult to conceal, canister, is perfectly OK. Just say, "I don't have any mace. I have bear spray in the large red canister by Counter Assault (or whatever brand)."

    I think shotguns need to be unloaded and cased and stored separately from ammo. Haven't taken a shotgun, so don't know the specifics.

  6. I too don't know about weapons but I did take bear spray over this summer, told the border crossing I had it, and they had no problem letting me take it in.
  7. Sporting long guns are ok, and there's a form you are supposed to be able to download and complete prior to stepping up to the line. Haven't done it in quite awhile though.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the info guys. I'm going to give them a call Monday and confirm. Can't wait.

  9. I honestly had no idea that they didn't consider bear spray the same as personal pepper-spray/mace. Crazy.

    Good to know though.
  10. I'd take a shotgun, but not for the reasons you think. Once you tell them you are armed, you don't get any of the pesky questions about firewood, potatoes, mace, etc. It is so easy to clear the border, it's almost worth the $50 they charge you to bring the shotgun in!.....ps-you could fake it, they will never ask to see the shotgun when you apply for the permit or cross the border, they just want your money.
  11. Are you not allowed to take a pistol across the border?
  12. Handguns are prohibited/restricted in Canada. That's the only thing I was clear on.

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  13. You can not take human self defense spray (like mace) across the border. You can take bear spray, we took it last year when we went camping.
  14. Hmmm...after reading all this, I'd be inclined to just contract with some local in the area (maybe A. McDonald's cousin) to shadow you while on the river ;). Swinging for steelhead on the Buckley... oh so jealous... have fun!
  15. I am not 100% sure, but I pretty sure you need a PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) to bring the gun across, unless you have the paperwork from the outfitter. I know you cannot legally purchase bullets up here without the PAL.
  16. We've decided to skip the shotgun and stick with spray. I'm going to ask about it when we cross and will hopefully remember to post for future reference.
  17. You don't need a PAL to bring a shotgun or rifle into Canada. However, you'll have to fill out a form (which I believe is good for up to 3 long guns) and pay a $25 fee at the border. All the information you'll need is here: http://www.cbsa.gc.ca/publications/pub/bsf5044-eng.html#P010

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