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  1. 60 Minutes did a story this past fall, on the subject of the amount of $$$ in college football, the ranking system, and the "fallout" there of (if your college misses out). The next week, 60 Minutes read some of the replies they got from "viewers" that were not very happy about that episode. Guess who the "viewers" were? Yep, none other than the athletic directors from colleges: Alabama, Mich, Notre Dame, Texas, Ohio St...etc.
  2. I think it's sad that colleges tie up so much money in athletics. I understand it, to an extent--a successful athletic program brings money to the college of course. But just think if all the time and resources involved were actually put into academics. We could have a much more amazing higher education system than what we already have.

  3. I am a huge college football fan and an admitted SEC homer. I watched a little of ND's wins over Pitt and Stanford. Pitt is a pathetic team this year and the win was more luck than anything. The Stanford game turned on an official's call (Where have we seen that before?). Still, they were unbeaten. I was hoping to see a great game last night, but what we got is what pretty much should have been expected. I would like to see AL play OR. Prediction--just look at the season opener a couple of years ago when OR's high powered crazy offense took on and got trounced by LSU. AL would have rolled here also. And while I believe Nick Saban is if not the best college coach ever, he soon will be, I hate Alabama. I am an LSU and Florida fan. As much as I look forward to a playoff, one thing bothers me. It has always been a lot of fun arguing which team really should have been playing and who really was the greatest--kind of like swinging vs nymphing.

    Not that I'm counting, but there are 234 days till the first college football game.
  4. No wonder Brian won't fish with me.
  5. It is better to run the table, make it to the championship and get smashed than fail to make it to the game.
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  6. As much as I hate to admit it, Oregon is (IMO) the scariest team in college football (I DO NOT LIKE THE DUCKS). I would love to have seen them matched up with Alabama. True, they would be a little undersized physically, but that uptempo drill they run is flat out spooky.
  7. Yeah, remember the Ohio St vs Florida Championship in 2006? All the talk was how HUGE Ohio St was, and they were favored in that game....Florida ran circles around them and beat the snot out of those HUGE Buckeyes. Remember....speed kills.
  8. They could save us all time and energy if they just gave the trophy to the winner of the SEC championship game. That being said, the only time I would root for 'bama' would be if they were playing LSU, I will not root for SEC teams( they gotta be cheatin, some how), I just can't. I believe 'bama' would have beaten Oregon or anybody else they played, cause they are the best team in the nation,as much as I hate to say it.
  9. Two things I have to say about this:

    Cheating? They don't have to cheat - they have that computer start those SEC teams so high, and when they do lose a game, they only drop 2 or 3 spots.

    Did you see Texas A&M play in their bowl game? And weren't they the only team to beat Bama, at Bama's home feild? I don't know... I think they could have beat'em again after that performance they had against OU.

    Like I said, the BCS National Championship also stands for "The SEC invitational"
  10. The cheating statement was said with tounge planted firmly in cheek. You could be right about A&M, but with that long to prepare, I don't think bama would lose to them again, but we will never know.
  11. I know it was Chris, I was totally being facetious on that first one. However, funny or not, it is true. After Bama lost that game, they fell from #1 aaaaaallll the way down to #4. But you are so right about "we'll never know." Take just the last week of the NFL regular season. Sometimes it is hard to beat a team twice. I just think that "Jonny Football" hit his stride after that Bama win.

    Oh well, this thread is dead.
  12. Ya, that kid is gonna be special, should be fun to watch him the next year. I wonder if he will stay in college or ifthe lure of big money will be too much to resist. I hope he sticks for 2 more at least.
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  13. North Dakota State actually is the National Champion this year...

    I want the BCS to have more C and less BS meaning 8 team playoff with rules that allow every team in the league a shot at winning the championship. Look at college hockey, every single DI team could win the national championship this year, even my Seawolves.
  14. Sorry Ed,
    I'd fish with you but that wouldn't change my feelings about ND.
    I never liked them even when they were recruiting me. I always liked Dan Devine but playing for Gerry Faust would have been a nightmare.
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  15. Man, that is no lie! Wow, back to back National Championships, against the same team no less. Last years game was a bit closer I think though.

    I watched the Eastern Eagles game (Semi Final game in Cheney WA), where the Eagles were down 35 - 0 at halftime to Sam Houston. The winner went to the national championship, the Eagles came back in the second half with the (sort of) backup quarterback - a true Freshman. He threw 6 TD passes in the second half, the Eagles lost 45 - 42.

    We all thought, "If only...." Then seeing North Dakota St in the National CH...Holy Crap Batman is that team good. Maybe it was better for Eastern to lose so close, then to get whipped on by those guys. Maybe, maybe not, but yes I agree...they are the true champs.
  16. Actually the "And One" doesn't start until 2015. Next year the national championship game will be held at the Rose Bowl. In 2015 the Rose Bowl and I believe Sugar Bowl will host the semis and it's looking like the championship game will be played at Cowboys Stadium.
  17. Just saw this thread today. +1
  18. Believe it or not, 1 of the BCS polls AFTER the game Monday night still had Notre dame No. 1. Enough said.
  19. The BCS has gone the way of the Nobel Peace Prize, both are ridiculous and irrelevant. Oh, and add the UN to that list :confused:
  20. Bye Bye Chip Kelly...just named the Eagles new head coach.

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