Beach access/tresspassing

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Shutt, May 12, 2009.

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    you can place the land in "open space" designation which reduces taxes but still doesn't allow public access. Contact your county assessor's office or your local land trust if you have one. Several options exist.

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    Hell, that's cheap David if that is with a home on it! You do mean your asessment right? :)
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    We do apply for a reduced assessment, every year. It has to be done on a yearly basis as if the land would change. And, we do allow access to our beach. We ask only to leave it clean and free of debris. The point is, it is ours. We have passed it down through three generations and will do so in the future as long as our descendants wish that. After we are gone, if they choose to sell or donate or designate it as open space, that will be their joint descision.
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    Larry, the $315,000 is just for the waterfront. The house is
    in addition to that. Luckly I'm in Mason County which has very
    low property taxes.