Beach Fishing Bainbridge, Kitsap and the Hood canal

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jered, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Ya, and make sure you turn around and scream loudly at any female fishers who have the audacity to even CONSIDER fishing near you.
  2. Fished a beach near the house this morning and my wife and I each caught two Cuts... that feels better. I'd post a picture but they are already much larger in my memory than the picture portrays ;)
  3. Just don't go to PNP if you like "fishing."
  4. BTW - I live near you. You don't need to go to PNP. I have been out about 20 times this year. I have been "true skunked" (no tugs, no swirls, no follows) twice. One of them was at PNP, the other at a local beach. The other 18 trips have been local beaches and they have been great trips! There are a lot of spots around here, just explore.
  5. Indeed. Only go there if you like synchronized swimming.
  6. I am sure it is better for those of you who live in Hansville. Problem is, I can't learn the beach, b/c I can never move. I get there, pick a spot and fish that same damn spot for 3 hours b/c people are lined up and down to the left and right of the lighthouse. So, I don't know if I'm even picking a good spot. At my local beaches, I can see the current shift and know the structure, so I can move to better spots that might only be 30-40 feet away. I have no clue at PNP b/c I just stand there looking around thinking - "I hope some fish swim in front of me."
  7. Love the insight. Nice morning of fishing today, thanks Bagman. Five minute walk to a beach from my house, I'll start with that one tomorrow.
  8. That's often true about not being able to move around a lot. That said, there are fish caught in about every area of that beach any given day. If a good rip moves in on a different spot on the beach you can usually get in because a lot of people there have a "spot" and don't ever move even if the good water does. The fish move in and cruise the shore so most likely anywhere you get stuck you have a shot at some fish. But it's certainly not the spot to go if you want a beach to yourself!
  9. I am always looking for moving water. If I have to walk to it and no one is fishing it I will. This has never been a problem at PNP. Many people gather where others do because they think that's where the fish are or they don't want to walk very far from their car or they're plain lazy. I have never stood in one spot for three hours unless I am catching fish. The fish are moving and so do I.

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  10. Did some exploring today.

    9.1.13 Cut 2.jpg
  11. That's a handsome fish, Jered!

    Good on ya, mate!
  12. There's a fish with an identity crisis - he thinks he's a pink.........:D
  13. Seriously, Richard Stoll told me this was a salmon fly! :)
  14. Jered,
    Personally, I'd rather catch those instead of a pink any day.
    Nice looking fish - good on ya'!
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  15. lots of good info here.

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