Beach fishing, broken rod, and Karma

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Whitey, May 3, 2005.

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    First off, its nice to see this new area on the site. I've been hittin the beaches for about 5 years now and I've been trying to get CWUgirl interested in beach angling, and at last I think I did it. We went down south this weekend to one of my favorite spots, we arrived at high tide and suited up, although suiting up is a little overkill. One of the best things about the beaches is that it really doesn't reguire a ton of crap to lug around, one flybox, a spool of tippet, and my lanyard is all I need. Anyway, C-dub landed her first Sea-run in about 5 minutes, a nice 15" beauty. Meanwhile, I was playing with a Miawaki beach popper further up the beach when I decided it was clouser time, I switched up and proceeded to catch a 10" cutty on my 3rd cast, I let the little bugger go and started casting again. Whap! I smacked the clouser against my rod, it wrapped around the tip tangling my leader in a ball of spagetti. I muttered to myself, got back underway and made a false cast when I noticed what I thought at the time was sea-weed near my rod tip. Nope, it was the tip and about 3 inches of rod dangling down my line. Their go's my day. I was pissed, I sat down on a log and thougth what the hell am I going to do. C-dub sees me sitting on the beach and walks over to see whats up. Broken rod, thats whats up! She said she needed a brake, I seized the opportunity and grabbed her rod and stripping basket(well, it was really my rod after all) and walked into the water, made a single cast, and just as I started to retrieve my fly, the line went tight, and the fish started pulling, after a few minutes I landed a beautiful 18" Sea-run Cutt. I felt so much better after that, that I decided to give my broken tip rod another shot, it was difficult to get a good cast, but I managed 3 more fish. All in all, we landed about a dozen or so. We walked back to the truck happy and content, slowly though, because its still fun to turn over rocks and look for crabs and stuff. YT :cool:
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    Sounds like a great time. :)
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    Sorry to hear about the rod tip Whitey; I'm always afraid to look every time I hear the "thunk" of weighted fly against my rod when trying to change directions to quickly, or rather, changing my mind to slowly. LOL. :eek:

    Glad to see you take the sting out of a negative so quickly; an 18" sea run would do that for me too, nice fish!

    In general, what part of the sound did you fish?

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