Beach fishing Mukilteo

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by nwtroutguy, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Buddy is having a hernia operation so no boat...time to hit beach.

    Has anyone ever tried in front of the state park or walking down the beach always? It seems as though you may have some luck.

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    Tried...will likely try tomorrow. Go early, to get parking. Last weekend was crowded, with an art festival or something. Today was crazy crowded, regular folks getting a day at the beach on a nice day. My fault, got there late. 2-hour wait line for the ferry, though I wasn't taking it. Tons of folks enjoying the nice day, more power to 'em, these days are so rare. Couldn't park without circling like a vulture waiting for the spot, so went home. My fault; gotta get my ass in gear earlier.

    As to having luck there....well, back a few years ago you could slam sand dabs all day at the Ivars dock, but I gave that up in favor of fly fishing with some solitude along the beach north and south of the ferry landing. Also nobody around to criticize my casting. The nice thing about fly fishing is most people don't know shit about it, including me, at this stage, and therefore don't feel compelled to give you advice.

    Well, some people might. That's why I bought some waders today. Now I can stand far enough off the beach where I can't hear them. I have to concentrate on my prey, got no time for nay-sayers.

    Also gotta bring home some kinda fish to validate all those miles on the car.

    Hope to see you out there. I'll be the guy scuffing up his shiny new waders so people will think he knows what he's doing.
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    best to go on a week day. more best on a cloudy weekday. buzz bombers will be mostly around the boat launch, down to maybe 100 yards south. you can walk down almost to the south point if the tide isnt too high. good water up there. watch for the snags though. if there is much boat traffic it might push the fish out some. if sea lions are in, it could get real slow. watch for wind. at that spot it can be bad.
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    Thanks for the advice. Just got back from there. Fished north of the ferry, 'cause that's where I found a place to park. The water was infested with scuba divers who were crabbing and had a bag-full of nice keepers to show for it. More power to 'em, they made the effort. Felt sorry for the luckless pier folks casting those trap things.

    Took my brand spanking new Fred Meyer waders and shoes with me, just to get 'em wet and try 'em out, you understand, not seriously fishing of course or I probably would have caught some. Lost some flies on rocks or whatever but need to buy some more anyway, so it's all good.

    The wader / boot thing worked out pretty neat. Fit decently, kept me dry, I learned a few things about stumbling around in current and waves. Didn't learn shit about casting in the wind or catching fish, but one step at a time.

    Next time, I'll stick to the south beach...less activity there. Or maybe go back to Picnic Point.

    A day at the beach beats a day almost anywhere else, but jeez, it would be nice to catch an actual fish.
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    I used to fish the state park beach pretty frequently. Fishing is pretty tide dependent. Nothing much at or near high tide. At low tide, you can wade out into a flat off the rest rooms and fish into deeper water. I've hooked into pinks and coho here and it is south of where the gear guys usually hang out. Also, on an outgoing tide or just after the ebb tide, you can walk south along the beach along the RR tracks. Fish sometimes school up in the embayment just south of there and you can reach them as they move north.
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    Thanks Benn, that's good insight to have. I'm looking forward to next Saturday when there's a minus tide in the AM. Getting everything ready's my checklist:

    Rod/reel/pinky-looking flies: check.
    Waders/hat/bifocal sunglasses: check.
    High hopes/optimism/coupla chilled beers: check.
    Sharply honed fishing skills : uh, lemme see...they're around here somewhere...