Beach popper glue

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by TrappedinCO, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. TrappedinCO Help! I'm trapped in a landlocked state.

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    For those of you building beach poppers, what kind of glue do you like using for the head? I've been using Zap-A-Gap, which works well but you have to be very fast at putting the head on so it doesn't stick over the eye. Just curious if anyone has found something that works better.
  2. Steve Knapp Beach Bum

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    I just use a small amount of head cement, because they can't really pull off, and I reuse them if I screw up the fly and need to re-tie one after I test it... With just a small amount of head cement I can twist them off when I need to. Obviously this happens on a regular basis in my rookie fly tying nightmare.
  3. Loren Jensen Active Member

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    I've used everything from super glue, to hot glue, to epoxy. If you have the few extra minutes, the epoxy is every bit worth it. You can also completely cover the hard foam popper, and the paint will never chip off.

    Go to WalMart and get some Loc-tite 5 min epoxy for 3 bucks.
  4. miyawaki Active Member

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    I have always used head cement mostly to "lubricate" the head as I twist and push it over the materials. If tied with just enough bulk, the head won't come off - besides, I reuse the heads and head cement isn't as permanent as super glues or epoxies.

  5. Steve Saville Active Member

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    I just tied a couple of pink poppers on micro-tubes. I tied the material on and left about a half inch for the head. Then I ran my bodkin through the head to open it a bit and clipped out some of the foam on the back side of the popper. When the materials were on, I put a drop of "Insta-Cure" glue on the clipped end of the materials and slipped the head on the tube. The glue dries in 5-15 seconds. After that I carefully clipped and melted the tube so it holds the popper in place. I haven't fished them yet but plan on trying them very soon. Oh, yea, I painted the popper with two coats of pink fingernail polish and one coat of clear. They look pretty pink.