Beach silver flyswap update (report)

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by TomB, Sep 20, 2004.

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    once again thanks to everyone that participated in the beach silver flyswap. I know you guys expect a silver report but you don't get one because maine (where I go to school) has no silver salmon. However, last weekend I went and caught 4 striped bass and lost 4 more using all flyswap flies. The two that the fish liked the best were the clouser and the tube fly. Sorry, no pics this time.
    Tight Lines from Brunswick, ME,
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    right on :beer2:
  3. ibn Moderator

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    Awesome! Nice work Tom.

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    tom- which school are you at out there. We have had some great striper fishing in ME by Thomaston, it is south of Rockland about 30 miles. Also have gone down to Popham beach and caught some nice ones.