Bead Headed Baetis

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat M, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Have any of you ever tried to tie a beadheaded dry? This is a killer pattern when the baetis are coming off.
  2. What are you on crack? that's the dumbest thing i have ever heard. just playing, i assume it is a plastic bead so that it won't sink so much or is it not?
  3. LOL, Mike you bust me up. The bead is not plastic. Don't let me catch you with my Secret Weapon. Trade ya for some of those Mike Midge's:thumb: I have heard that sometimes a baetis will try to dive under the surface film.

    When are we going to hit it Buckwheat?
  4. How about a recipe?
  5. How about an explanation.

    Clearly "beadhead dry fly" is not something we see very often. It could be the next big thing or......?

    I tried to take a closer look at this fly but there seems to be something wrong with the attached fly photo. It will not open into a larger image. :confused:

  6. It would probably be more accurately described as a subsurface dun pattern, rather than a bead head dry. Whatever the case, if the fish like it, I'd be interested in the pattern.
  7. Tim you are correct it is suppose to ride under the surface. With CDC and Hackle = Float right? Well you add a beadhead= sink. So it will ride about 5 inches below the surface. If you were a trout looking for an easy meal, would you go for the same amount of food without alot of effort, or chase the same meal and excert more energy? I would go for the easy meal with less effort. Try this pattern the next time you are in the middle of a baetis hatch. Hold On.....The fish can't resist it I'm telling ya. Good Luck with it. The photo wouldn't enlarge for some reason. Just tie your favorite baetis pattern and add a bead to it. You might have better results using a 1x hook in a size 18.

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