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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by freestoneangler, Jun 13, 2014.

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    Anyone tie beads in with the countersink facing towards the eye? I was tying up some 16-20 dropper patterns today and the brand of beads I bought have a different style countersink...more like a conical face that, when flipped forward, don't cover the eye at all but give a smidge more shank to use for wrap. They look OK (fish-slayers they are)... just wonder if anyone else has used them in this least on purpose? :)
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    Yes,when I tie chironomids with fibers to represent the breathing filaments I always reverse the bead so the large opening is forward. It seems to hold the fibers in place better.
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  3. wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

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    I tie wooly buggers like that figuring the eye looks like little mouth and may create a little disruption/ noise / resistance as it moves through the water
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    Weird. When I tie a bead on with the counter sunk forward, it covers too much of the hook eye for me.

    Here's an interesting tid-bit in regards to beads.

    The first counter sunk beads where sold by Spirit River. They called them Brite Beads. The original purpose was to install the bead on the tippet material with the larger hole toward the rear. The idea was to keep the bead on the tippet material and then switch out patterns so the bead would cover the hook eye and you could turn any wet fly into a bead head. This is why the large hole in the Brite Beads is as large as it is.

    I suppose you could do that but no one I know uses them for their original purpose.
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    You could, cept on the Metolius... and N Umpqua (during the Summer)... then your adding weight.;)
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    I reverse them when tying balance leeches with smaller-than-normal bead heads.
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    That's been the case for most of the packages of beads I have...unless you cram them onto larger hook. This particular mfg. has a different style counter face which does allow reversing and not covering half the eye.