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  1. OK I am done bitching about beads now. I just think its a crappy way to fish and its just an opinion. Everyone likes to fish the way they feel confident and enjoy fishing. I sometimes blame beads for a bad day? who knows? That fish that seen my swung fly (that I spent time building - not from a bag of plastic balls), has been pricked by the bead = that fish wont bite! I wonder if everyone swung flies, maybe the fishing would be different. I know one thing, if we all swung flies you would see less fisher-people. It is more difficult, in a different way? I can say that flailing that stupid bobber, helicopter bead and bobber effect looks difficult (honestly more difficult). So my efforts to change the outlook of fishing the real way for Steelhead are futile. I would rather be caught belly up, floating in the river than using a bead rig. To share the river with a true bait slinger would be more fun than a bead guy. That's just me and that's just my bitch! To top it all off I read an article in a magazine about a bead guy just this morning. I threw up before I could make it to the toilet.
  2. FUCKING LET IT GO ALREADY! Your complaint and bitch threads are weak and tired. Come up with something new to rag on already. If you were done bitching about it, why did you make another thread about it?

    We get it, you like to take the path of most resistance to catch fish. We get it, you would rather throw a jig...oh sorry...a "weighted intruder" than a bead. Fine, STFU and move on.
  3. I think its funny that I see more bead bashing than constructive advice on how to swing better. Maybe if people were taught how to fish a swing better they would fish that way more and you would have what you want.
  4. Don't want to be ass****... but I think you should stay in the bathroom, right next toilet for awhile, till you and your righteous buddy come back to earth..IMHO, take care
  5. "bead bashing"?? I think there is more advice on swinging in here than you think. The bead thing is relatively new. If a bunch of guys came on here on started talking about throwing worms or plastics or grubs or rapalas or powerbait, I bet a bunch of people would say "Hey, I thought this was a fly fishing site? Those aren't flies." But for some reason you can put a bead on and you're fly fishing. Then people get pissed and say who cares what you call it.... you should fish how you want. Agreed, but this is a fly fishing site, I could go on plenty of OH or GL based forums if I wanted to talk about jigging, pinning, spooning, bait fishing, etc.... I don't even think beading and nymphing are the same. A lot of great tiers and fly fisherman have put time into tying amazing nymphs and learning about aquatic insects. If you really want to fish an egg pattern at least learn how to tie the yarn on the hook. Beads go around your neck. Happy Fat Tuesday.
  6. I'll tell you why tied egg patterns aren't used, because they are taken too deep by the fish. Pinned beads are safer for the fish. But who gives a shit about that as long as you look cool in front of your "fly fishing" only buddies, right? Hey, at least it's not a bead right?

    The "bead thing is relatively new"? You have no idea what you're talking about.
  7. I love to swing and I also like to fish beads. I spent the same amount of time paintings as I do tying flies. I love guys that pick only one way to fish and the bitch about all the other ways. JUST DO YOU AND ENJOY FISHING.
  8. I think it is funny that a bunch of folks that don't catch fuck-all get together to bitch and whine at eachother about the methods they all use to not catch fuck-all.

    Get over it, folks.

    It's stale.
  9. I think the title of this thread should have a NFR in front of it. :)
  10. You have no fucking idea what your talking about. You need to drop the attitude and get your spinning rod out! Look for me on the river, I am always out there. Then you can talk your baby shit to me in person. You dink wannabe fly fisherman. Guys like you give flyfishing a bad name. You know how many times I hear "Gear Guys are more courteous than bead fisherman". Thanks!

  11. So are all the small nymphs that you fish pinned?... You know, for safety...

    And please, enlighten me on when beads became popular. 30 years ago,...or 100 years ago? I said relative.
  12. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

  13. Holy shit Stewart, chill!! My God, its just fishing........on a fishing forum....
  14. Oh I understand that. Its people like Luke that tell people how safe it is to floss fish with beads. I guess I will never understand why someone will spend thousands of dollars on fly gear = JUST TO DINK FISH. Then go to fishing forums and tell others that's OK to fish that way.
  15. I think this thread should be about internet tough guys.

    Here's me, I'm an internet tough guy.

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  16. I'm not gonna add to the hate...

    Damn I just spent a half hour writing out some useless drivel that I hoped would explain something or other and had to come back and delete it as it's pointless..

    It's Washington thang and Chris and the boys in the backroom say it's OK so It must be right?

    Live it and love it bitches...:)

    now i'm done...
  17. tl;dr

    Honestly I thought I was long winded :) Golfman I miss the old epic butt avatar. Always made my day.

    Also, here's me again, this time with Fishless Jim e-thuggin it up. We were getting ready to get up in some plunkers face.

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  18. don't hate on beads, stewie. just because your's smell like ass from using them as anal beads. i hope fish learn to never grab your shit

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