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    This was me back when I was known as lone-wolf the ethug. Bitches don't know 'bout my beads.

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    That is outstanding.
  3. Chris Bellows

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    Beading is just bucktailing in the rivers. A way for people to catch fish on fly tackle without having to learn how to flyfish.

    That should put a couple more pages on this thread.
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    "Beading is just bucktailing in the rivers. A way for people to catch fish on fly tackle without having to learn how to flyfish."

  7. Charles Sullivan

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    Damn. That bunny thing is funny.

    Go Sox,
  8. Flyborg

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    These are some fellow e-thugs from the Shooting Heads Is Thuggish crew. If y'all dish on their rivers they will come beat yo' ass, and they def' don like beads.

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    swinging flies sounds much like drift fishing with gear and beads are like bobber and jig. Drift fishing is a art for sure. So have the touch and some don't. or at least it takes many years to learn the tech. bobber and jig is faster to learn watch the bobber bobber goes down set hook. I feel that if a guy doesn't want to put alot of time and not catching fish because of the learning curve. I want to learn the art of swinging but with that said I will still fish a bead if the conditions permit it. This summer I plan on takin 3 rods with me on a local river on many over nite trips. One will be for skatin and greased line fishin. one set up for indicator fishin and one for swinging deep pools. So I cover all the bases.
  10. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Flyborg, you are killin' me man!! Straight up bead thuggin' haters! Ya, boyeeeee...
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    I don't care who you are , that's funny!
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    I hear this guy. I've watched people try drifting gear, and it takes skill too.
  13. Nate Dutton

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    This is amazing. So much hate coming from some people. You better watch out haterz, if i see your ass on the internet again I am going to be beating you down! (That's cyber bullying, and cyber bullying is wrong)
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    This is the most worthwhile post in the thread, and for that matter, on any thread related to beads.
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    pancaking rabbits is bad form, to be a real purist you need to crepe all your lagomorphs
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    Stop that shit...I'm coughing to hard and might puke...

    here you go...the last one was bead caught...
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    famous bead fisherman from the past..
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    I may be the only one that understands the humor in this. Mammalogist Unite!