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  1. Atta boy G-Man!
  2. Stewart, you are a master. This is better than the "I was with an Indian..." while fishing the Sauk a while back. Dude... we've got to fish together next season.

    On the subject at hand... That's NOT a pancake. It's a 'dorayaki' which is a Japanese pastry with two pancake-like pieces sandwiching a glob of sweet bean paste. They look good but taste nasty, like a lot of the crazy shit I ate when I lived there... There's a bunch more pics of the bunny at the link below. Who woulda thought...


  3. Didn't think this would ruffle so many feathers. I think for me I am just frustrated with these big commutes to the coast (5 in a row now) just to fish. Then I never see fellow swingers, mostly gear and bobbers. It makes me feel like the tradition of a swung fly is pastime now. At the end of the day four or five guys are bragging about sticking fish with a pinned bead, (guides included). Great for them, I know heavy flies and sink tips are far from purist, (and I am inches away from going full floating & traditional fly purist style). I feel the idea of a well presented fly and a tight line take is the way. I don't know anything else, since I have never used any other method. I look for the kind of water I want, that has a limitation that is a love hate relationship. Limitations of water conditions, fly speed, color, size, depth and so on appeal to me. I know that is not the case for some of you, my point was cross for most to read and my apologies go out for that. I guess I am just hard headed and a bead hater, don't take me serious. Some of the guys that have fished with me will vouch for my passion to just have fun fishing with all seriousness to catch a fish and watch over the river.
  4. LIES
  5. It gets worse...

    He's dead... back in 2003.

    I went found the Japanese site these originally came from. His name was "Oolong' like in the tea. Apparently, his owner liked to balance all sorts of things on his head. There are hundreds of photos of this poor bunny with stupid shit on his head. This is almost as bad as fishing beads...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. He's lying folks! This one time when I was fishing with him, he netted a fish I hooked on a bead for me... Then booted me square in the dick.... TWICE
  7. Glad to see the bunnies back again. And thanks for the pics of the lovely ladies. I would say that was the highlight of this thread for me.
  8. Well said Stewart... my apologies for my earlier comment of just being a lil' bitch... I too went through a phase where I hated beads... but I've also come to like them... even paint them sometimes... Adaptation is a huge part of fishing, regardless of discipline... rods and lines evolve, patterns evolve, and beads are now available in more colors and sizes than ever before! With all the options available, how we choose to fish is a matter of choice... and a purely personal one at that. No one is any better than the other; and we all have an equal right to be there. Bitching about it does nothing except get a bunch of fellow fishing folks all worked up at their computers... sorta silly I suppose.

    So with that said... perhaps its time to come full circle... embrace the beads, dude, they only hurt at first.
  9. dude, plenty of people swing flies, even on the coast. maybe you're not seeing them because many of them have decided to venture away from the beading whoards. swinging is less popular than it was, but there are plenty of people who don't fish beads and bobbers.

    if people are bragging about bead caught fish, good for them. it doesn't change how i measure a successful day on the water. fishing well, exploring and covering beautiful water is enough most days. the fish that come are an added bonus to a great day on the water. for me, getting out and swinging flies is an escape from a culture of overload. a day standing in the water, casting a fly, and manipulating the swing pulls me away to a calmer place. when i have caught fish nymphing in the past, i always wondered if my time would have been better spent swinging. i no longer wonder.
  10. Hmmm no offense but my gaydar is going off...

    I'm not sure you two were there for the fishing?

    here's one last for you Matt...I met these girls and they were trying to fish beads and this happened...thank god my space ship was able to save me and yes, I took them with me...
  11. Stewart Dee, I guess your hate on for beads is about the same as mine for monkey inbred fucks that swing intruders/ESLs etc from skagit lines for summer runs...but whatever. Not everyone wants to learn or be challenged or wants to continue to develope as an angler. Oh well. So be it. Frankly I could give a rats ass, but I really dont want to fish with or around guys that dont enjoy fishing the way I like to. Why? Because I have nothing in common with those guys. I gave up the numbers game some time ago and for me the reward comes from time spent at the vise figuring out the hows and whys of when and how I should fish a type of pattern, the time spent figuring out a particular system and when and how to fish it, then figuring out a fun and effective way to present the bug. When it all comes together and I find a willing wild player, its pretty cool. Not too many guys think this way, its their loss. I'll still drink their single malt though...
  12. Is that why you stay off the Bulkley Ralf ?

    Me too .
  13. That and the aggressive Vedder mentality has infested the place. Same happening with the place you and I like too. Gees, even had some asshat show up in camp this year (after we talked about the two of us doing a float), with 5 of his pals....Time to find another river
  14. The guys with the wall tents ? Ran into them too many times .
    I`m thinking of heading further west this year .

  15. r u fucking serious???

    maybe you havnt seen the guns stewart dee has sold on here.
  16. i have a friend, lets call him mark wisdom. everytime he sees a bunyn he gets all soft. bunnys are his weakness. So of course i posted all of these to his facebook. Oolang is possibly the best bunny ever. RIP

    Also, a question to Stew D.

    What is your opinion on long line nymping and egg pattern? It has the same quality of a swing (tight line, proper presentaion) so as far as i can tell it has the same draw as the swing for you. Please also note the downstream, step by step working of the run. This aids in the prevention of lowholing swingers, as i move through the water in the same fashion.

    So do you hate the bead or the bobber? Please adress this issue for me. My first steel ever was caught long lining, as was my first chinook.

    thanks for the input and maybe ill get out with you one day and you can help me improve my swing.!/video/video.php?v=132528033468687
  17. No comment ha-ha. Dustin, your a good fisherman from what I seen on the Klick last summer. I am going to spend my time and efforts now with Charlie Sheen, hookers and booze. Just some good rehab.
  18. coke will be your best friend. and besides, charlie sheen isn't mentally fucked anyway. he is normal ;)
  19. I hope your hip gives out while fishing alone and a bear rapes your ass....

    goddamn, tip fishing intruders while i'm swinging a dry on "your" river, say as I do don't do as I fish sour kraut..

    AND I had just bought a fine single malt for you too.....but i'm not going to tell you which bottle I dinked first...
  20. Come to think of it..the best part of this bead thread WAS that the goddamn long liners were leaving us skagit guys alone for a change...

    So now Stew, you've just become someone else's bitch too....were back to the low men on the totem's pole!!!

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