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  1. Fixed it a bit...

    As it should be, and has always are in the low spot!
  2. Women who fly fish often have a unique perspective on fly guys, the equipment that they use and the correlation it has to their own gear. Stew, the fact that you have such an on-going strong emotional reaction to small beads tells me that you are projecting. The fact that you use a spey rod tells me that you are compensating as well as projecting. Your wife has my deepest sympathy. :rofl:

    golfman, neither a bead or a tube fly is legally a fly under WA state rules so neither one can legally be fished in fly fishing only waters.
  3. Freestone For The Win!
  4. Wisdom.
  5. So that's whats going on? My wife has small hands so I am happy.
  6. Sorry, Stewart, I couldn't resist! Thanks for being a good sport about it!

    Now, let's have some more bunny pics!
  7. :rofl:

    I don't know what a status board is? though I will say that it sounds like a cliche kind of thing so I'm still good with that!!! Always lived the anti anyways...

    tubes are a real grey area and in b.c. as well...My take is if the hook is in the junction tube on the back it won't get you least that's what the c.o.'s said...but your right, can't fish um on some waters without finding that out first...
  8. Are you freaking serious? Threatening someone with their life on a fishing board? Jezzus man take a pill or head down to Old Timers and have a drink.
  9. I'm pretty sure he's a minor
  10. Hey mumbly peg...this is what the hoh down will be like after you give your presentation on beads...:rofl:

    but i bet you'll be number 1 on that status board and post count of yours...
  11. Ahh he was just playing. Besides the crazy one on to look out for is Golfy. Ever since that private moment up on the Chapel Run with Jimmy, he has this happy, glossy look in his eyes. Golfy is sharp, he will have something to say about this. Don't believe it.
  12. that's beside the fact in woolley ;)
  13. I ain't worried about any of them, not even golfman. You gotta understand I live in the hills north of Woolley. Threats on life should not be taken lightly. If he wants to mess with people; that can be done without the threats
  14. Class act as usual Paul.

    Maybe one day you'll get it, until then keep pumpin info from whoever has the patience to hold your hand...

    I remember the flask you showed up with last year... lol... yup
  15. Just messing around a lil bit. We allready got it all squared away.

  16. woolley for the win
  17. AMen.
  18. As I read this thread, for some reason the Paul McCartney song "Ebony and Ivory" keeps lingering in the back of my mind. Wanting to help everyone settle their differences, I have come up with a solution. The steelhead bee--d View attachment 39850
  19. Guess you forgot the part where you initiated by labeling everyone who fishes skagits & intruders for summer runs as "monkey inbred fucks".

    Class act alright.

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