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  1. You could make it better or lay down a bitch and head for the door is another option. Either way things will improve.
  2. This one's for mumbles...
  3. G damn that Stewart! Don't he know by now that bead threads go in the main forum, not the Spey forum? Now there goes 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back, however it's nearly always entertaining to read about threats on life because of bead fishing or criticizing bead fishing. A good topic for a TV reality show perhaps?

  4. Beads Part II is next. I will move it to the main forum next time.:clown:
  5. Playboy bunnies with pancakes on their heads!
  6. I thought you were done pissing and bemoaning the bead issue,
  7. Just kidding! I have had so many death threats, I now work with the witness protection program. Different Beads! Edit for MUMBLER
  8. Lines have been crossed. Fish how you want. Let others do the same. Get over it. Not sure those are beads so they probably don't belong here.
  9. I'm over it how about you?
  10. Yeah, over it. Let's go swing some flies and nymph some slots.
  11. Hey stew, in your sig. is that a JW Young reel?
  12. That's a D. my fellow swinger.
  13. pancakes on my face, make me extra happy

  14. FUX. if these damn S rivers were open, i feel we would all be a little less ornery about all this stuff. wish i was fishing...
  15. You guys should check out the river its been good lately!
  16. I just spent the last 30 minutes reading this thread, well 20 actually, five minutes i was bashing my head on the table the other five i was laughing at bunnies!
    The bunnies were the best part of the thread!!!!
  17. Nail on the head!

    Unfortunately sometimes NOT fishing the bead is like coming accross a Mayfly hatch and then comtinue throwing a Matney streamer at them!
    It involves a little common sense.
  18. Stuart
    Try actually fishing someplace other than the Boat launch at Morgans and you might gain some sympathy, after all how much can you expect from a river and its anglers when you never leave sight of you vehicle.
    Good thread Stuart keep up the imaginary anger, oh there is another good swing that is in sight of the parking spot at Minnies too:):):)
  19. Brazda
    Hey thanks for the info. I will go look for the spot at Minnies next time out. What color bead would you recommend? So nice of you to let me in on such a secret spot. Thanks Lady, I owe you one.:):);)
  20. I got a couple questions for you Brazda...this is just for my own curiosity sake as this is the first year I've fished down here....
    When did beads start happening out there?

    Do you think or worry it will have any cross over effect? I ask this as I see your out of Ellensburg and wonder if you see it happening on the Yak.?
    Would it matter on there if it did? Seems it would suck if you were fishing the afternoon march brown hatch, do guys know any better? ( asking as I've seen the cross over effect of guys bottom bouncing on the Fraser when they open the sockeye run and then see it happen on all the other rivers afterwards)

    Do you swing flies as well as beads on there for you clients and which would you prefer to see if not given the fact that as a guide you are paid to put people onto fish?

    Interested to hear what you think would happen if the powers that be said he couldn't fish from a floating devise..would it totally screw the walk in guys? Would it benefit the fish at all?
    I personally don't care what method is used for the hatchery run fish but what is you opinion of the effect of beads when it comes to native fish?
    Have you seen any difference in the amount of fish that you've caught that were damaged by improper bead pinning or floaters because of it or would you say it's about the same as with any gear method?

    Last, what is your position on beads for fly fish only water in the state of Wa.?

    I look forward to hearing what have to say as it's interesting to what guides think about all of this and you'd be the ones who would see it first hand...I have talked to a few and some don't seem to care for it, others it doesn't bother as they are swinging and looking for different fish....So it would be interesting to hear your side for a change...

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