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  1. Is this what we are reduced to? The different fishing tactics groups constantly at odds? Totally ineffective method of unifying a group of folks concerned with the impending demise of the pacific steelhead. Diversity should be a strength, not a constant means of putting us at odds with each other. I don't care how you fish, so long as it is legal. I'm sure Dustin will say that killing one wild fish on the OP each year is legal and call me out on it. He's right and if you choose to catch and kill one wild fish each year you are legal. I'll say that I'm not a fan of that law, but I can live with our differences. This whole thread is a testament to the tearing down of any possible effort to unify.

    Fish how you want, legally. Handle your fish with care, legally. Rub elbows with your fellow anglers, despite their tactics, methods or gear used. Support practices that help wild steelhead. If you can't do that then you are part of the problem. If enough of us are part of the problem then there is no hope for a solution.
  2. Up for your consideration. A new bead only lawn cast a few times. Asking 50.00 bucks shipped to your door. Oops thought this was the classifieds.
  3. PM incoming RE: Bead
  4. Oops. Never mind. I found one under my daughters bed while vaccuming. She was making bracelets.
  5. Price drop 45.00 bucks shipped!
  6. Mumbles, with all due respect, I think we can simultaneously work to protect mother nature and her beautiful fish, and rib, joke, or flatly disagree with each other about fishing methods. I don't judge the measure of a man by what methods he uses to fish, and I would gladly stand next to a bead fisherman in any efforts to do what is right for our natural resources,.....and they would probably be standing next to me already cause they just lowholed me:clown:

    I think this thread has shown itself as just an outlet for some fun and jokes to be had.
  7. mumbles, why is your ginch in a knot? I thought trying to ask the guides for first hand information would be one of the ways to put this sucker to rest once and for all?

    These guys are on the front line and brazda fishes many different systems so I would think he would know and it would be a good time for the guides to chime in on the topic...

    and I'm not bidding on no damn bead from stew....You never know what him and Jhoh were doing with those things..

    just saying...
  8. Last Call on the bead 40 bucks! then its off to the bay. Includes a tuft of yarn!
  9. $40.00... I will take it; as long as it catches fish.
  10. PM on the way...
  11. Brady, lets you and me go halves on the bead and split the profits we get on ebay via a quick re-sale ...:thumb:
    Now we're get'n somewhere !
  12. Golfman
    Your a way more inteligent man than I.
    If you think that will not cause a mortal meltdown of WFF then post up ythe answer...
  13. Buying all used beads , any shape, size, or color considered. Will make resonable offers on all beads , none turned down, will pay cold hard cash... I'll send you the $$$ via paypal, send the Beads to Mumbles :rofl::rofl:
  14. To Late! the bead went to a buyer overseas. This will round off his bead collection. Tight Lines Sucka!
  15. Oh well... The price of that bead was too damn high!
  16. Sorry Leroy, if my better half finds one more bead layin 'round here she'll go bananas. She already twisted her ankle when I got drunk and spilled a whole bag'o'beads at the bottom of the steps. I had to get a bead safe to keep all beads on lockdown. And she was pissed cause a I kept wasting all the nail polish.
  17. Thanks for the pm Brazda...very intelligent answers...much appreciated...

    stew gets his beads from's a junkie kind of thing...
  18. Low blow Brazda......low blow. You and I both know that there is not one fish in that pod eating mayflies that I would care to catch. I am searching for the one beneath the pod laying in ambush. Fishing dries for trout is a lot like fishing beads for's just plain easy. (Staples Easy Button) Unfortunately it is harder to only target the mega troph steelhead, unlike targeting mega troph trout, that's easy to do. I keep thinking that if I swing the biggest fly I can cast it will result in only mega hog far that has not proved to be true. The big ones seem to eat beads just as good as anything. Damn.
  19. [​IMG]
    Hate to see this one go....
  20. DooDah that was kudos refferring to size. As you know....when we seeing ya out in chromer land.

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