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  1. Leroy, nice art work. Now make it blow up HUGE when you click on it so that everyone can see my big head and that big black seabass. I reckon I'm gonna need a bigger net. Good thing I know a couple of guide guys that know a guy that knows how to make an awesome very large and fish friendly net. I stopped supplying beads to stewie dee, he went all kinds of crazy in withdrawl. I don't need to nymph the bead...I've been trained in some alternate methods that pass the time nicely on the float and produce the occasional fish. Nothing wrong with swinging when you can and nymphing when you can't. Besides, the best scenery on the river is often between put ins and take outs!
  2. Anyone who worrys about what others think when it comes to this stuff is in deep doodoo... Do what's legal and makes ya happy, beyond that, it's all a pipe dream !!
    Glad ya liked er Ed !!!
  3. Oh I know, Doesn't look like I am going to make it this year. Got too many irons in the fire. Possibly Hawaii, then Alaska, then Mexico, then I'll see you ut in MT
  4. I just spit coffee on my computer....
  5. Mexico where and when?
  6. You must have some shitty beads, that you need to floss fish. I have never flossed a fish that took a bead. Just saying LOL
  7. If we all try really hard we can make this sucker go for a few more pages...
  8. :rofl: I just thought to myself "Jesus, this thread is STILL GOING"??? Then I read this. Hard to believe a you could beat a dead horse like this for so long. We need some more bunnies with pancakes on their heads, and I don't mean the small furry animals...just saying.
  9. Beads don't work for sh#t for spawning bass....just saying.
  10. how the fuck is this thread still going lol
  11. I roll my beads in Salmon milt if i can find it or if no salmon milt then wild steelhead milt works great too! them a more life like appearance
  12. how bout a bunny with a flounder....

    looks like one of mumbles nymphs as well....:rofl:
  13. That's better!!
  14. I leave for three days of poundin steelface, and this thread is still goin upon my return. Yay internet.
  15. i wouldn't kick her outta bed for eatin' crackers..
  16. I found these in my daughter's bookbag. She never told me she was a steelheader.

    View attachment 40214
  17. well at least we can tell YOUR not a steelheader, as those are not the right beads.
  18. you caught me
  19. Try them. I bet they would work. Not throwing what all the other guys are throwing sometimes is a good thing, or so I hear.
  20. I gotta ask if its on purpose that all the bead ads are running right next to the posts on here..There's some fine looking beads in that arbeads ad...

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