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  1. Heard the same joke. Just replace "pair of running shoes" with a 22cal. pistol.
  2. I carry UDAP also. I have heard very positive reviews and have started venturing deeper into the woods with my own cubs. I have much experience at close range with spray designed for humans. I like the non lethal results.
  3. Where you the Applicant or the target?
  4. So I guess the RPG approach is out of the question...
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  5. Both...situationally dependent.
    Tough to carry that.
  6. I don't know... some of those bear spray cans are pretty danged big! Might be a toss up...
  7. What I want to know is if bear spray will deter the mother moose who you've just stumbled upon in the Idaho backcountry and she's accompanied by a young calf? That right there is butt puckering stuff.
  8. Chances are good that you can cause her enough discomfort to find a safe way home. Moose are just mean.
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  9. Ive talk to our friend Marty he has a kit that he hasn't used and doen't think he needs where he fishes.
  10. Always thought the horn might be the way to go for bears/cougar/mt goats
  11. Just bring a BB gun and a friend you arent that fond of. Shoot the friend in the foot or knee and then run like hell.
    Never used the spray. One good encounter with a bear up on POW. Just a blackie though. It sat in the river noming its fish, looked at us a total of twice, then marched off into the woods. It was proly a 200# black bear... We just froze in the river, not knowing if it had cubs that we didnt want to get close to or a friend in the woods next to us. My uncle had his lever action 30-30 off his back, but we never really felt it was going to be needed.
  12. I've hazed black bears on my property with rubber 12 gauge bullets. They REALLY don't like that. The combo loud noise with the sting of the hard rubber bullet in the side sends them packing.

    I carry Counter Assault, but I've never had to use it on a bear. I've had several close encounters with bears, both Black and Grizzly, a few times while on the back of a horse, but I've never discharged the bear spray. (I would never discharge bear spray from the saddle of a horse or riding mule.) One time I was fishing and a grizzly was less than 10' from me in thick thimbleberry bushes, but he wasn't aggressive at all and when I talked to him he looked at me (I was careful not to made eye contact with him) and then he slowly walked away.

    When I guided, a bunch of people would buy bear spray and then figured out they couldn't take it back home on the plane, so I ended up with a box full.

    I experimented. What I found was this:

    1. The wind is a big factor. If the wind is in your face, the discharge would have to come when the bear is very close. The pepper in the product burns your face, eyes, and mouth in that situation.

    2. If it's snowing, that too will diminish the range considerably. I never tried it in the rain, but assume that will cut down the range like the snow.

    3. The spray lifts fairly quickly, so if I ever have to discharge it at a bear I will point it toward the ground slightly in front of him and let him run through the spray.

    4. After the spray sits on it's side in a box for a long time, it needs to be shaken really hard for a while in order to get it to work right.

    4. Nothing is perfect. Bear spray is a great product and cheap compared to a firearm and the thousands of rounds you'd have to shoot to be proficient at accurately shooting a large bore pistol at a charging bear. I'd advise buying two canisters and empty one to see what it does and doesn't do, so that when and if the time comes to use it on a charging bear, you'll be at least a little familiar with it. I mean seriously, if you're going to depend on it to save your butt, isn't it worth the extra $25 for a practice run?

    ps. I've always wondered if Wasp and Hornet spray would deter a bear. It's some nasty stuff when I've used it around my place and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the bear spray and you could practice with it for a small cost.

  13. Good info Trapper. I think using wasp spray has been discussed before. A key thing is how far does it spray. Counter Assault is stated to have a range of 30', but that's under good or ideal conditions. I thinking about also buying a canned boat airhorn. Use it first at a longer range, saving the CA for up close and personal, should it ever come to that.


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