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  1. Thanks David. This is the right decision given the schedule and weather conflicts. I do hope this happens at some point in the not too distant future as there is considerable interest.

  2. I'll echo what Tim said!

  3. I'm ok too, just let me know.
  4. To show how fickle the weather can be this time of year, at 2pm here in Redmond it was pushing 68, sunny and dead calm. Sorry we weren't able to connect today. I'm looking forward to the rescheduled event.

  5. Yes, here too the weather was better than predicted, but there was still a stiff little wind on the lake. This park has a lot of fetch from 520 to the South. It might have worked out but I also got called into family duty at the last minute (B'ball tournament). So, I was PC on the home front, a good thing. :)

    But hey, this coming Saturday is shaping up ok. 10% chance of rain is perfect (keeping the kid & boating factor lower). Right now there's a 9mph wind prediction but that could change. I'm good for this next weekend if any or all can make it.
  6. I'm tied up through the end of May so I'll miss any boo get togethers during that time. But I'll hope to join in a future meet. Best, Ron
  7. I can probably make it after about 1:00, I have a grad school interview at 11 in Bothell.
  8. anything but not next sat I got midterms;)
  9. Gentlemen
    Just took a look at the weather and it looks fabulous, up until Friday afternoon. Saturday's prognosis is 30% chance of rain (again, likely no problem) and 8mph Southerly wind. For casting on the lake, at least on the side of the dock with vegetation (& the best chance at a fish), a South wind of any strength is difficult. We can move forward if several of you would like to. You can always turn away from the lake and make hero casts on the grass. Several guys that I'd like to attend (and meet) can't make it this week, or maybe next. Therefore I'm leaning toward re-grouping and maybe aiming at a Fall date with consensus. In a couple weeks or so the Lifeguards will be on duty, which brings on the hoard of kids and boaters. Summer wouldn't be good as it is a busy family park all week long. In the off season, like Fall through Spring, it's mostly a few dog walkers in the park and conducive to a group event like this.
    Let me know what you think.
  10. As much as I would like it to be now. I am busy for the next three to four weeks. So for me, I would love everyone to make it. I say FALL sounds best with me. Thanks for all your hard work on this, John
  11. It just occurred to me that this weekend is opening day of boating season. Unless it's crappy out there will be dock traffic. I'm up for another venue, or we can resume the discussion in August or so and pick a date in September/October that fits most of us.
    John, no hard work involved, but thank you.
  12. David, thanks again for your effort on this.

  13. No problem.
    I just put a tickler on my calendar to re-start this conversation in the last week of August. Purely as a dart throw, I'm penciling September 20 for a get together, but that's flexible. I notice also that this is almost exactly one year from the Fiberglass Gathering Gary Knowels held last year (a great event IMO). Since group size is not a problem we could make it a Grass & Glass gathering if you like.
    We'll talk later. Have a great Summer.
    Go fish.
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  14. I have all grass and glass but one spey rod. So that sound good to me. But it up to all. So I will be there no matter what
  15. Not available this weekend. Wish I could join you.

  16. double post, sorry
  17. 8 and 11mph winds.... geez that sounds like calm conditions for over here.
  18. Fall would be a better choice for me. My rod quiver is pretty slim right now and by fall I hope to have a couple of slots filled. I am not far from gluing up a Payne 198 7'6" 5wt 3 piece and a Leonard 50D 8' 5wt 3piece. Both of these are sweet casting rods that I would like to share with the group.

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  19. At the pace I've been going lately finding old but good bamboo to fix and fish and admire, I'll need a trailer to bring 'em all. Hope you got room. Geez, that slope is sure slippery once you get going. :) Ron
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  20. Bill, dental floss, spey rods and dapping, if you can get up wind of the lake. :) Can be tough on Lk.Wa.
    Ron, I'd give a nickle just for the knowledge of what to look for in older decent blue collar bamboo. I know there's a lot of junk out there. Look forward to seeing your stable.

    Oh, and tomorrow's prediction is now up to 12mph. Golf, maybe on TV.
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