Beautiful or What?

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Shane Stewart, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. This original piece was done for me by wildlife artist Guy Jacobson It perfectly captures a special 17" coastal cutthroat trout that I had caught on the Kilchis river in Oregon last October and safely released.
    The rod is a 4 weight T&T Caenis taper built by Mike Hoffman of Tualatin, Oregon.....enjoy

  2. would love to see it!
  3. Given the choices, I would have to pick "or What?":)
  4. Looks good to me, I like it and wouldn't mind having it on my wall.

  5. truely amazing
  6. Nice work, absolutly BEAUTIFUL. :thumb:
  7. That is greay Shane. I would love to have that rod and reel combo.
  8. That is beautiful. I am from Tillamook and that brings back memories of many, many fish caught as a kid. Even a few on dad's bamboo fly rod.
    Thanks for sharing.
  9. It's beautiful!
  10. Yeah, that's really nice... :)
  11. great artwork!
  12. I caught a fish almost that pretty once, almost... God I love clarki clarki
  13. Watercolor I assume? I have seen some v. nice colored pencil drawings that is why I ask.

    Very well done.


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