Beautifull Wyoming.

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    I've moved to Wyoming to work for the summer season. I work at a dude ranch up in the wind river range just outside of Dubois Wy. Dubois is a sweet little cowboy town that still has the same feel as the old west. I've been working a ton, so yesterday I had a day off, so I decided to do some fishin. I had to drop some folks down at the airport in Jackson wich is about an hour away. So on my way back I hit the Gros Ventre river.

    On the road to the river, along the teton range I noticed a few grazing bison.


    Driving back into the Gros Ventre canyon the landscape changes instantly into red rock canyons, wich is extremely nice!


    Within about twenty minutes outside of Jackson I was able to get down to the river and start fishing, however as you can see the river is running high and still a bit chocolate milky.


    So I knew of a little creek that usaully fishes well, even when the Gros is not. So I pushed on to crystal creek wich may be a secret to some so don't hate me for the report.


    I'm glad I made the river switch because shortly after being on the water I was rewarded with a nice little thumper.


    Though the fish was on, it was not red hot. So I decided to head back home and hit a creek that just minutes from the ranch where I work. The creek's name is Brooks lake creek. A great little tailwater of Brooks lake.


    What an awesome little creek! It has produced well since I've been here, and has plenty of good sized fish.


    The landscape through this creek is amazing! You must keep an eye over shoulder for grizzly's. Plenty of wildlife around here
    I have had moment's where a few mule deer have been grazing feet away from me fishing.


    This is a great strech of the creek with the Pinnacles towering in the backdrop! Again less than a mile from our ranch!


    The Scenery was great on this day!So far the fishing had been just fair.As I was just to leave, I decided to hit one last hole. I was confident in this strech and was rewared with this fatty. This picture does no justice, the fish was just under my hero mark on my rod. Never the less made for a spectacular Wyoming fishing day.

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    Great pics. Would love to fish in WY sometime. Love the look of that creek, that's my kind of fishing.
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    Very nice, thanks for sharing!
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    Thad, excellent report and photography. Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice pics! I went through there one summer and fished a few spots. I love it around there.
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    Cool pictures, back off on the color balancing / photoshop levels though. There's some super beetle kill out there huh? A lot of dead tress.
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    Awesome photos & narrative. I'm jealous. Thanks for sharing.
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    That's a nice part of the world, eh?
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    Amazing scenery!
  10. yuhina Tropical member

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    great report! Love those photos!!
    The small creek looks awesome!
    looking forward to another reports ! : )
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    Beautiful country! Thanks for the pics.
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    Thanks for the photos and report. Wyoming has some of the most stunning scenery in the west. Please update us on the Gros Ventre and tribs when they drop into shape.
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    Nice. Looks like summer hasn't hit Wyoming yet
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    Outstanding! I just love WY anytime of the year. Think I'm going to borrow your "hero mark" idea, too.
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    Nice report! I am heading out to the Winds in August.
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    Wow truely stunning pictures!