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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by eric d, May 15, 2010.

  1. eric d

    eric d fly fishing addict

    I was up and the first one on the lake this morning! caught and released about 6 fish before work. The only one that was large enough to keep looked like its mouth had sores on it and a large cyst close to its tail.

    I have noticed on several occassions that some of the fish I have caught have lumps on them that look like a cyst. Has anyone else noticed this or have any idea what it is?
  2. eric d

    eric d fly fishing addict

    After some research today I am under the impression this has to do with the poor handling of the fish before they are released. I was hoping that it wasn't because of the water. Sorry if that was too much of a newbie questions for everyone here. I'm still on the low end of the learning curve after just starting.
  3. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    My son caught fish with numerous lumps on it at Beaver last weekend.

    We released it and it swam off, sounds like you either caught it or there are more like that one out there. I would bet the latter. Last year we had seen a number of very sickly looking fish swimming on the surface slow at Beaver. Even the Bald Eagle wouldn't touch that one.

    If you put 10,000 fish in a lake that size you're pretty much guaranteed to incubate evil. Mind you that can work in your favor if your kids get bored easy and the fish are easy to catch.

    I had promised him we would smoke some of the trout we caught for his grandparents but there was no way we were going to smoke that thing with bubos on it. It lead to an interesting discussion about the bubonic plague. I am no longer in favor of eating fish from that lake. Not to mention a certain German sounding dude in a tin boat with his partner appears to catch numerous small fish from there, eat them and return many times over. With each return his voice becomes louder and more Teutonic sounding, singing the praises of power bait:

    "zis power bait ist sehr gut mein freunde, dieses fish gegessen mein Power Bait Jetz...besonders...also...gibt das heir mein kartoffel chip....Ja Karl, hast du eine altes fish mit Bubos...alles gut der Kommiser..essen deine fish mit bubos jetz, gibt das here, machen sie gut und supermench..."
  4. ribka

    ribka Active Member

    Nice Anti-German rant Wadin Boot!

    P.S your German need some work

    Have not met too many German power baiters in WA. I fish a lot and have met zero to date . I take it personally because my Grandparents and mother fled Nazi Germany as refugees and ended up in the US.
    Have met a lot of other nationalities poaching here in the state of WA but not PC to mention here on WFF.
  5. sportsman

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    PC correctness aside...My side still hurts from laughing so hard! I'm sure Boot meant no disrespect towards any ethnic background and besides, he was wrong....they were the Eastern Europeans that have been chased from the sunny shores of Rattlesnake!
  6. Finfollower

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    Boot, that was some very funny stuff there. Had to knock the rust off my High School German class, but hearing it in my head had me rolling!

    Ribka, I didn't see any bashing, or alegations towards any. Quoting a couple of guys conversation is not a hate crime in my opinion.