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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Lex Story, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Well it's that time of year again and the big triploid plant is planned for the 7th of November.
    I'm taking the first half of Thursday off to go and float tube it. If you see a bright yellow Nissan Xterra in the parking lot it will more than likely belong to me so look me up and say hi and maybe swap a few flies for what's been working and what's not.


  2. I just happen to not be working Thursday. Never been to Beaver. Thought about it, but always just went a little further to RSL as it's undeveloped and C&R.
    How is it? Will it be crazy the day after this big plant?
  3. Oh, wait. I assumed you were talking about Beaver Lake near Bellevue and not the one on the OP?
  4. NutJob, You can check recent stocking reports on the WDFW website. Any stocking done during the prior week should show up by Saturday.
    They don't stock the Beaver Lake that's in Clallam Co, which is a good thing, as it has plenty of wild cutthroat in it. Most of 'em are on the smaller side. A 10"er is a good one in there. Small cutthroat like those are one of the reasons why I ordered my new 3 wt.
    They don't always advertise their stocking plans ahead of time for most lakes, like they are doing with this Beaver plant. The stocking schedules are kind of general, so that we don't see huge lines of vehicles following the stocking trucks.:eek:
    I admit to check the stocking reports. Its rather shameful, I know.:rolleyes: I usually let the new plants spread out before i go after 'em. At least for a week. This way its easier to delude myself that I'm not just dilly dallying in a stocker pond where the pattern employed makes little difference. Its better after they have begun keying into the natural food forms in the lake. You can convince yourself that its real! (Plus, after a week or so of no food pellets, those dummies are so hungry that they'll practically gnaw their way thru the hull of your boat to get to a poorly tied wooly bugger)!:p
  5. I was thinking about taking the first half of the day to go fishing one day this week then going to work after that. I think I may just join you for some morning fun at Beaver
  6. It looks like the weather will be mild for Thursday and cloudy, so that it will be good for kicking around and stripping in buggers and JJ specials.
  7. I may be out there in my blue pontoon boat - come and say hi.
  8. the launch may not be open according to the newspaper
  9. Yes the launch will be closed on Wednesday during the planting. I usually go the day after (which means the launch is open by then) but I am using a float tube and I approach the lake from the park side and walk it in on my back.
    If you really wanted to get jump on things you could always fish the day of the plant via float tube
  10. I'll have my pontoon style kick boat up there Thursday. light enough and small enough to be carried a few hundred yard to and from if needed, yet beefy enough you float my rather large backside. It's purple/blue and black so please come say hello if you are so inclined.
  11. I'll be in my Navy blue Fish Cat 4 float tube hopefully with intermittent rod bends.
  12. Thanks, Jim. Good info. I think I'm gonna skip it and head over to Rattlesnake.
  13. aww thursday is the one day i can't.

    i hope to be out there on wednesday late moring till early afternoon. (squeeze it in between work and class) maybe 11-2 then again on friday for most of the day.

    i'll be in my blue fishcat on wednesday and portabote on friday. would love to actually meet some of the people on here. :)
  14. If those fish are "2 pounders," then you guys are gonna have a blast.
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  15. There are several Beaver Lakes. Where is this one?
  16. The Beaver Lake in Sammamish. You could say the same about lakes named Lost.
  17. My Bro also brought up Lakes named Black, Deep, Fish and Clear. There seem to be a lot of redundancies
  18. Hey Lex, I usually try to avoid fishing the day of the plant because of my experience after the truck showed up one day while I was on the far side of the lake (Lake Narwhalsawzall). I wasn't aware of the planting going on, and when I returned to the launch, I ran into a bunch of fresh-out-of-the-chute, confused, stupid and tightly schooled hatchery cutthroat hanging out under a floating dock not far fromthe ramp.
    I saw a couple of boils on the surface and made a cast. Fish on! A 15" cutt! Played and released that one, and saw another boil, and made another cast. I missed about 3 grabs before I hooked up, played and released another nice cutt. I repeated this exercise a couple of more times before I suspected that something just wasn't normal. I'm not that good, and I'd never seen such "hot" action on the lake before. So I figured it out that these were freshly planted dummies because I am familiar with the approximate times that that lake gets stocked, and it was about that time, and the lake was due for some more plants.
    So I reeled in and called it a day. I checked the stocking reports at the end of the week, and sure enough, I'd hit a ball of confused fish only hours out of the truck.
    I went back about a week after that day and enjoyed angling for the now spread out cutthroat, as well as some nice hatchery 'bows that had gotten stocked.
    So if the newly stocked fish haven't spread out, they might be balled up and hiding out under someone's dock.

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  19. I was out there for 2 hours from 11:30-1:30. i got no hits nothing but other people were doing well. Two guys were doing really well with a indicator and chironomid, and also a prince nymph.

    i must have been doing something wrong today because i couldn't get the schools to hit my fly but watching a huge bald eagle for an hour was a blast :)

    @Jim, some of those fish were super stupid coming out of the shoot. they just sat in a school. they all moved together and kept surfacing.
  20. It was a good day and I was able to land one good sized fish over 18" I got a lot of bumps with nothing to show for it. Gary on the other hand was really starting to get into them. We were trolling and stripping brown and olive type buggers and careys. I might head back tomorrow morning and give a it a go again.
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