Beaver Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by tom @ fwp, Nov 5, 2008.

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    Expressing curiosity is not the same as demonstrating willingness, or lack thereof....If I ask a harmless question regarding a not-so-secret lake, its not unreasonable to hope for a thoughtful (read: helpful) response. Another quote I like: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. If I want smart ass answers, I can just talk to a teenager.

    Now for the report: my daughter (age 7) and I each hooked and lost one fish. She hasn't been fishing for over a year, as she was put off by the sight of fish apparently suffering. I think she's getting a tougher skin. Loosing a fish has her wanting to go back and catch it.

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    Its interesting to think that we have people *judging* other people on how, when or where they fish.

    Personally, I think its odd someone would come down on another for choosing to go after fish recently stocked - if it were me and I was just getting into the sport... anything to give me an easy confidence booster is exactly what I would go for! Flyfishing has a much higher barrier (both economically and skill-wise) than those of the common bait chucker.
    So be supportive of your fellow fly fisher!...especially the newbies or those that are trying to get their kids into it.

    In addition to that, stocked lakes keeps the crowds away from the other spots to fish. So if nothing else, you now have something to be thankful for this upcoming Turkey Day.

    But since we're on the subject, I'm curious for your answer on how do you think spots like the Nunally chain, Lone, Pass, or any other lakes mentioned on here got fish to begin with?
    Here, I'll save you the effort...
    Answer: they were stocked at some point.

    So if you're going to lay into someone for going after fish recently stocked, keep you're high brow comments to yourself and be glad they aren't crowding you at your favorite spot.
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    Just thought I would add my two cents worth, I went on Saturday (11/15) and not a sould caught anything from 0700 to 0900. I tried an olive bugger on sinking line (but stripped fast so it wouldn't go too deep) as well as a hare's ear (which I thought was the mythical pellet fly) but no luck. Still a good day on the water though. Boats everywhere, but everyone was friendly.
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    Since when is poking fun passing judgement?:rofl:

    Rich-this is the internet, and if you're offended by that innocent little comment I should tell you to procede ahead with caution as it can get much worse than that :thumb:

    Anyhow, best fishes to all, stocked or not, even the extremely easily offended guys ptyd
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    Well, I don't read much that is not typed by others here. I did not know the book line. What is wrong with chasing stockers? Some of them suckers are huge. I've been known to crawl on my belly for 500 yards to get a stealthy approach into the stocker pond so the fish, owner and most importantly dogs don't see me coming. Where did I put that vaunted pellet fly? It is tough to cast a 10' trout rod while flat on your belly, but I'm getting better. I just use a whip cast and can get out about 35 to 40 feet. I usually hook about 3 or 4 and land a cool dozen before the dogs get wind of me and the chase is on. That barbed wire is hard to find gently on the way out. Lots of wader repairs and bacitracin ointment.
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    I'm not offended - I was just noting that it probably isn't cool to discourage fellow fly fishers.

    Everyone comes to this site for the same typical reasons - meet people, find out what people fish, maybe get a tip or two on where the fish are, etc.

    If no one was chasin' stockers then no one on this site would be fishing the local lakes, rivers, or even the salmon. That's all I was saying.

    Having been in this sport only a few years, I have met my share of people who take one look at your gear and if you don't have a $500 reel on the butt of a $700 rod, you're not even a real flyfisher in their eyes.

    Offending wasn't the name of the game, just trying to bring perspective.

    btw - Mumbles - whether its true you crawled 500 yards or not to a pond - that bit was hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle and perspective!
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    i don't think he was judging anyone. constructeur and i fished beaver shamelessly last week :-D
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    It's from Mike Crofts The Fish Bum's Guide to Catching Larger Trout It's a fun little illustrated work that your daughters may enjoy.

    Not a damned thing mate. I would like one of the offendees, since it's been such a big deal, to go ahead and show me the exact part of my sentence where I say chasing stockers is wrong though.

    Here's the original, go ahead and disect:

    I'm just poking fun at the guy that's only willing to go chase stocker rainbows if someone on the internet tells him the catching is good
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    Well, I've got two Olive books and the girls love them. I'll look for the Mike Crofts book too, thanks.

    For those wondering, stockers are always looking to feed, just throw them something familiar, intriguing or twitchy...there, if you were looking for the stocker report you've got it, now go get them. There is nothing wrong with getting your rubber knotless net a bit stinky, a bit of slime on your hands and make sure your gear is in good working order on those trusty fish so that you are really ready for the tough to rise guys.