Beckler River

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  1. jfkkesler

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    Took a nice little drive out to the Beckler yesterday morning. The water was still really high and fast, which greatly reduced the amount of fishable holes. I didn't connect with or see any fish, but I did see a lot of mosquitoes! I'll post some GoPro video I took soon.
  2. SquatchinSince86

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    Have you been up that way recently. im looking at hitting one of the sky tribs this weekend.
  3. jfkkesler

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    I haven't been since June, but I do plan on getting back up there in later August and September. The water levels have finally dropped enough to make it fishable, so I would imagine the fishing to be decent right now.
  4. Yak

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    I seem to have trouble in the Beckler and Foss catching trout but only tried acouple times. If up high in other trib's I manage a few. Any hints?
  5. Craig Hardt

    Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

    Not an expert on the Beckler but when I've been there a few times my experience was the fish have been in small pockets and scattered. I'd recommend fishing bushy high-riding dries upstream, hit each lie with 2-3 drag free drifts and then move on to the next pocket. This will keep you moving to find fish and get you away from the easier accessed spots by the road faster. Then on the way back downstream swing a yellow or green soft hackle through the same areas (throw a few twitches and strips in for good measure too).
  6. Yak

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    ^^ Sounds about right I do tend to use big bushy dries upstream and sometimes with a dropper. Soft hackle is someting I need to add to my bag of tricks...thanks!
  7. Skysoldier

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    Hard to beat a good soft hackle, they will often save the day :)
  8. jmara6864

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    The Sky above the town of Skykomish fishes a lot better than any of those tribs. Lots of fish in the teens that love caddis!
  9. FishChacer

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    Hi Folks,
    I am a first time poster and a relatively inexperienced fisherman who is new to the area, but I felt like I might be able to contribute. I was up on the Beckler on 7/26/14. I got started at 10 a.m., but didn't catch anything until after 2. I had much better luck in the afternoon once the sun had passed over the river. I caught 12" and 9" bows and 3 < 6" westslope cutthroats. I caught the bigger fish on Goddard Caddises with rust covered hackle underneath. So what is a a soft hackle?
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  10. Craig Hardt

    Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

    Welcome to the board.

    A quick overview of soft hackle flies:

    Also do yourself a favor and read Sylvester Nemes' book "The Soft-Hackled Fly" which can be found at some libraries.

    Here's a great example of a soft hackle that Thomas Mitchell tied.

  11. Joe Goodfellow

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    What kind of hackle is that?
  12. SquatchinSince86

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    I went to the miller. I found it to be a lovely little stream full of hungry little fish.
  13. Craig Hardt

    Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

    It is partridge.