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  1. I fished Beda on Sunday. Fished it for three hours and did not get a bump or see a fish rise. Does anyone know what is going with Beda this year? Did I just have a bad day or have their been similar reports?

  2. Scott Salzer

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    Beda has been dead, dead dead for a couple of years. Sorry you wasted your time.

    Move onto other options in the area. They are many and some are good.

    You could contact the regional bio of an up date / opinion.

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    I think Beda suffered from a combination of heavy poaching and constant spiney ray infestation. Seems like they were (are?) constantly fighting to keep healthy trout in there.
  4. That is too bad as it was really fun about three or four years ago. I might give Chad Jackson a call to see what he thinks.
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    Thanks a bunch for your trip, and report! It might not have ended in fish, but you succeeded in reporting on a recently rehabbed lake:
    I had the same results last year when targeting Blythe and Chukar lakes. While the lakes looked uber-fishy, I didn't see a single fish in either lake. I did my research too, and knew that the lakes should have been putting out fish (or should have had fish!)I did see, however, plenty of cormorants, pelicans, egrets, etc. etc., which is nice if you're a birder,but bad if you're a recently planted trout fry!
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    To bad beda is dead. I caught my largest trout there when it first went to selective. LONG LIVE BEDA.
  8. Hopefully it will come back
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    There's way more other lakes that are currently fishing good. Just need to do a little legwork. Where's that post I put about not getting fixated on "special regs" lakes. If lots of fly fishers do that it makes the "anything goes" lakes easy pickings for me.
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    They were supposed to Rotenone it, but it never happened. I recall that WDFW then opened it up for full harvest and then may or may not have re-planted it with small tikes. By the sounds of it, they never did and or it got some severe winter kill. I remember a few years ago when it had a bunch of triploids, it was on fire and a stripped leech was deadly!

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    I remember those days too, stellar. On one trip, we fished WB's under a bobber in the northeast "ear" - fantastic day.

  12. I agree with both you. It is really a fun lake to fish with a lot of different area to fish. Maybe if we ask WDW to start over with Beda may return to its former self.
  13. Scott Salzer

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    M - I think with limited resources, there are better places to put $'s.

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    I fished it two years ago and only caught 8" fish. At first this made me think they had gone through with the rehab and planted it the previous fall, except there appeared to be some sort of small spiny rays in the shallows. In the back of my head I was hoping that they had rehabbed it and the generation of fish I had caught then would be real nice this year. Bummer. I wish the WDFW would post when they actually do go through with a rehab, rather than just releasing a statement of intent and leaving us guessing as to whether it happened or not.
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  16. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    It is thought that Beda had "major mortality event" - Summer kill which, will be investigated this spring.

  17. Andy G

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    My buddy and I fished Beda May 2012. C&R'd 25 or so fish in a day all between 10" and 15" not one over that size. 2009 I caught 10 fish in 2-1/2 hrs one 22" hog and several 18"-19". Discussion with Euphrata based Fish Biologist this week indicated zero fish reports both fall 2012 and earlier spring 2013. He suspects a summer 2012 fish kill. He hopes to gill net sample soon but said he might no get to it until fall 2013. He said poaching would not account for reports of zero fish. I was hoping to get over there next week but changing plans. Beda was rehabbed in 2010. -Andy
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    Here is a photo of a nice fish my girlfriend Lindsey caught before they killed it off. Beda 3.JPG