Beehive And Clear lake

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  1. well, got back lastnight, and was too sore and tired to post. we did WAY better this year than last year. between the 4 of us, we got over 300 fish in one day. my neighbor that i went with kept track of all of the fish he caught and it was 152. the average was about 12 inches, and we landed about a dozen that were about 2 or 3 lbs. we went to clear lake on sunday instead of going back to beehive. we fished for about 4 hours, and I landed over 40, and the others landed between 24-45. all there were about 13 inches. we got into the bigger ones right away. as soon as i went out in my float tube, i hooked a FAT 16 incher. we landed 7 keepers and kept all of them(i usually don't kill the ones i catch). i landed the most that day and the biggest one, she was 3.5lbs dressed, so i was guessing about 4 undressed.
  2. It's because I'm fat huh? :beathead:

  3. That ain't it.

    I was just scratchin' my head. where is beehive lake? Is that in this state?
  4. it is a small reservoir on mission ridge. clear lake is about 20 mins south of mission ridge.
  5. Actually, it was the stocked fish, the bragging, and the killing. None of these are too popular on this site.

    Sound like a fun day; just share a little more information about where, how, and trip details if you are looking for some dialogue from this crew....
  6. True that Jason-
    STS-there's more to fishing than the numbers. Look at the other good reports, and the bulk of their info is not #s, measurements, and weight.
    Sorry for sounding like a prick.
  7. 152 fish in how many days? 2?
  8. Good job on all the planters. The wife and I have been going to Black lake (Lower Wheeler Res) and hammering the cutts that were planted last summer and fall. We don't keep track but it was one after another, with cutts up to 13".
  9. I have heard good fish coming out of black lake. the guy that helped me net the big one, said they got an 8lber on a bugger. if you guys ever fish beehive, make sure to take a few size 10 olive cactus chenele(SP?) buggers with a black tail, 5/6 strands krystal flash in tail, and fish near the stream. there are quite a few nice brookies, and the hold-overs tend to hang out in there. Swandazi, that was in one day.
  10. Confuscious says: "I try to tell em, but they do not understand that c&r is the way to go" :beathead:
  11. i think those lakes carry over about as many fish as they are able. no need to c&r for those that like to eat trout. personally i don't like trout and only keep the occassional suicide but put and take lakes are meant to be just that. give the kid a break.
  12. I, 99% of the time, release ALL of my fish. I only keep then when i go over there, and that is once a year. If the fish swallows the fly, then I will keep it, or give it away. the main reason we kept them that trip was because my neighbor wanted to get a full smoker load.

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