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  1. OK Pat. You are in. Now, I don't know if we should close this or keep it open up to 12 spaces. I'll assume at this point everyone could do 12 possibly. We have until June 2.
  2. I'd welcome two more tyers.
  3. And face to face won't be possible for me since I'm down in BFE california
  4. With 5 of us from as far away as McKinleyville, CA and Idaho Falls tells me 2 things. First a face to face swap would be difficult for some of us. Second, I would love to meet the 5 and learn what they have to teach me about fishing northern California, eastern Washington and Idaho. I would still like to see a face to face for those that can make it and the others can snail mail their flies. We can bend an elbow in their honor.
  5. Come on down anytime! But January-March would be best. There are willing steelhead galore!
  6. If there's room I'd love to join. I've just started playing with foam and think this would be a great encouragement.
  7. Sounds great Gary! I'll put you on the list! Thanks.
  8. I thought I had a post here earlier asking for some clarification on beetles. Floating beetles only or are water boatmen eligible. My "back up plan" is a floating beetle that works good over here.
  9. Floaters or whatever floats your boat Zen and everyone!
  10. I'm all tied up and can probably ship next week, so I need an address. There are 13 flies in there, I'm calling them "scout bugs" after my daughter. The swapmeister should keep the extras!
  11. Wow, speedy!

    After poking around some, I think I'm going to try tying up a CDC beetle. Looks like a neat pattern and I won't have to mess about with foam.
  12. Attention all. Don't forget to read the section on "How a Fly Swap Works" before sending out your flies (unless some of us have a face to face). Make sure you have "toe tags" with at least your name on them.
    Thanks Pals!
  13. I sent my flies out today
  14. Your ahead of everyone for sure Travis! I'll be looking for them.
  15. I've....well, I bought some black CDC feathers. I haven't even gotten the vice out of the closet yet. This weekend, though, I should get going.
  16. I received Travis Bille's beetles in the mail today pals! They are awesome!! You will all be pleased. I am hoping to take photos of all the flies for posting later. Now I'm inspired to get going on this project! Thanks Travis.
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  17. A friend of mine showed me how to prepare the flies with toe tags. I will have mine tied up sometime next week and send them out soon. It took a while before I found a pattern I was happy with.
  18. i am half way done
  19. which half?
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  20. which Half?

    John and Ringo

    P7240639.JPG P7240643.JPG
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