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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Eric Denny, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. I am just wanting to see if anyone that is either new to tying or doesn't mind swapo g with guys that are new to tying would be interested in doing a swap. So after reading a few of these I see it's normally a certain kind of fly since I am doing this with newbies I figure we won't do that we will just make it a trout fly. Any kind of trout fly what ever you can tie. So before I put out a number of ppl lets see how many ppl are interested??? And to be honest I don't care if only a few want to do it.

    So once I see if there is any interest then we can go from there on how many ppl and how many flies will need to be tied. Since I am the one doing this you can send them toe and I will pay to send them on if that is ok with every one. So tell me what you think and again you don't have to be new just willing to have some flies from some guys that are new.
  2. You can join any swap I run.
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  3. Ill join up Eric. And ill send some dvds along with my flies
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  4. Thanks bill
  5. Depending on the timing I would be interested. You might rethink paying the cost of mailing the flies back to us. Normally we send a self addressed, return postage paid package to the host.

  6. Ok thanks and that's a great idea! And I figure this will take a couple weeks to get some ppl together and then I figure we can. Give everyone a month to tie? Does that seem the norm?
  7. Mailing them back runs about $5-$8 per package depending on the mailing media selected and postage. That could run into a few $$$ if you have 10 swappers.
  8. Ok well now I know to do it the other way! So I guess that is g
  9. How we can do it!
  10. I'm in. Currently unemployed with plenty of time on my hands. Maybe this will motivate me to start tying.
  11. So if my count is right we have 4ppl in lets try to get to at least 8.
  12. I'll join, been fly fishing/tying since last March.
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  13. Can you list the people already part of this swap. I would like to be part of it. I have been tying for a couple of years.

  14. Well the list looks like this so far.

    5.Scudley do right

    So far that is what I got if I put your name down and you don't want to be a part please let me know and if you want to be added please speak up!!
  15. So can I get a couple more takers?? I would like to at least have 8ppl.
  16. I would like to jump in Eric
  17. This seems like a good swap to pop my swap-cherry on. I'll do it if'n you'll have me!
  18. So it looks like we have made it to 7 so I'm thinking if we can get one more we will start this up is everyone is still interested?? If not please let me know.

  19. I am still interested!
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