Beginner fly swap!!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Eric Denny, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Eric, I would be honored to be in your Fly Swap. Am I too late??? :)
  2. Nope you look like you are just in time.
  3. Awesome, I will start making my flies. :)
  4. Well you might give it just a sec and let me go through and see how many we still have who want to get in it.
  5. still in
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  6. So I sent messages out to make sure everyone still want to be a part that have said something. If I didn't send you one it's because you asked to join in the last few days and I figure you still want in. We should have between 8-10 ppl I will wait to see who all gets back to me.

    Fly swap guide lines:

    As soon as I find a exact number of ppl we will go for a month after that. I figure that gives everyone enough time with there lives to not feel rushed.

    Flys can be any style if TROUT fly. You make x number of the same fly. Toe tag them with what the fly is, size, and who made it.

    They will be sent to me after that month with a self address return envelope so I can return to you your flys from the swap. If someone drops out I will let everyone know and we can take it from there. Maybe someone will want to step up or maybe I can depending on how fast I knock mine out.

    Everyone please remember that most of us are some what new to tying and this could be are first swap. I will also check in with everyone from time to time to see how things are going and please feel free to do the same. I am trying to make this fun for everyone and a enjoyable experience for everyone.

    So I'm just wanting to get word from everyone and we will kick this off!!!!!
  7. I'd like to give it a go if there is a spot open.

    If there is a level before 'beginner,' that is the level I'm at. I just started taking a class this month.
  8. Yeah we got a opening nothing's set in stone and not everyone has gotten back to me.
  9. I'm still in and I'll tie up some hopper patterns.
  10. I am Good to Go :D . 4 done and 6 more to go. Hopefully total of 10 flies for the swap.
  11. Nice but some ppl won't make them at the same speed and it will be between 8-12 ppl in the swap
  12. looking for to seeing plaegreid's cat-hair dubbing with a touch of cigar ash and tag he designed at his last biz meeting

    Thanks for stepping up Eric
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  13. So someone brought up the point that since there is not that many of us if you guys would like to make two different bugs and swap?? I'm game but felt I would bring it up with the rest of you and see if anyone else like this idea or if anyone feels it's to much? If you feel it's two much please pm me and let me know that way know one is singled out.
  14. I am still in. Even though I have been tying for a couple of years I still don't tie the best flies. We all began with that first fly.
    The thing to remember is have fun and enjoy the camaraderie.

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  15. Eric, I just noticed your thought regarding two different bugs. I like the Idea. Are you thinking about doubling the number of flies (2 flies for each person)?
    I am fine with that as well. Some people think I'm easy.

  16. I'm game for tying two sets of flies. Lets get this thing going though, I'm a lot less into two sets if it means I have to crank out a ton of flies because 15 people are part of this.
  17. Did we get a final count in for this puppy?
  18. I'm going to go through it tonight and will have a count for everyone tomorrow
  19. This would be my first swap, I would like to try it.
  20. And I'm ok if I'm too late, I can wait for next time. Just let me know.

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