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  1. So I did a final count and believe I talked to everyone it looks like there are 10 of us thats counting brian. I will list the 10 then go through and send everyone a message with my address we'll shot for a month from tomorrow so FEB 25 is the due date if you get them done sooner send them when you want. With my address I will set up the guide lines and if anyone has any problems with them let me know. We ARE doing two bugs as it seems like everyone was interested in that and know one messaged me saying they had a problems with it.

    So the 10 ppl in this thing are
    1. me
    2. Blake Harmon
    3. Bonsai (jerry)
    4. JohnB
    5. Scudley Do Right
    6. Jersey
    7. Plaegreld
    8. whip-lash
    9. biker_dd
    10. Brian Riggs
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  2. What's the scoop on this? I've got one pattern done and am wrapping up the next.
  3. I think 3 of us are done and have sent in / or are about to send in.
  4. I sent a group message did u not get it??
  5. Sorry I just noticed that I had invited john b and not JohnB sorry but I sent you a invite so you can jump on in
  6. I just opened my flies. There was a good selection of flies. All look very usable here in the northwest. Can't wait for the season to open for my local lakes. There was some real good talent shown in the quality and selection of flies tied. Keep tying one and all.
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  7. I'm doing another fly swap it's under "dry fly swap" if any of you are interested feel free to check it out or join!!
  8. Doing another swap everyone is welcomed to join!!

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