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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trevor Moravec, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone -

    I'm new to the forum and fly fishing in general and was hoping to get some tips on what type of gear you would recommend for a beginner. I'm thinking the fishing I will be aiming towards the most is steelhead.

    Also any beginner fishing holes would be great (not asking for "secret" holes, more well-known locations where I might have beginners luck)! I'm around the southwest region of Washington.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Trevor,

    Click on the Steelhead forum and look at Daniel Ocean's fishing log thread. It covers much of what you're asking about.

    SW WA? No problem. Try the Beginner's Hole on the Kalama and other spots in that vicinity. No secret, that's for sure.

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  3. For gawd sake don't call your rod a "pole"!!!:D
  4. Hi Trevor, Visit your local fly shop and talk to them and get a good quality setup that will grow with your abilities. "Beginner" does not have to be "cheap" as in poorly made. When I started about 20y ago the local shop set me up with a package that lasted through my first few years. I still have the stuff and use it for friends first starting out, and I still enjoy it because it is just a delight to cast.
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  5. I have a nice 9 weight set up listed on the classified forum that would do the job and not break the bank. A balanced
    combo where the line matches the rod is most important in whatever you buy.Good Luck in your search.
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  6. Thanks for the advice! I think I'll stop by the fly shop today, I just wanted some opinions from people who weren't necessarily trying to sell me something.
  7. Any relation to the Moravec that used to work at 3Rivers?
  8. No I'm not originally from the state of washington
  9. i been recommended the reddington series of fly rods for starter rods, i hope that helps you out as well.
  10. Are you near Vancouver, WA?

    You might want to try the Greased Line fly shop in Vancouver.

    My dad lives down there and found sweet, high quality, used sage rods by visiting the shop. I am not sure if the shop sold them or just told my dad about them, but I know there was a connection between the Greased Line and the terrific steelhead rods that he has.

    Talk to them. They can get you into the proper places to fish, the correct gear and flies.

    Local fly shops are invaluable. I always invest in my local shop whenever I get a pass to spend $ on fly gear. I may pay a little more, but the investment is well worth it.
    For example, I needed a new pair of waders ( my 2 year old waders were starting to leak). I was looking at a cheap pair of waders at a place called GI Joes. I went to my local fly shop and they told me about the benefits of Sims brand of waders and I purchased them for 3x the amount of the cheap waders. That was 12 years ago. I use them all the time. I have not babied them and they still do not leak. I have worn out a number of wading boots, but the waders are fine.
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  11. A good local shop can't be beat....they take good care of their clientel...won't sell you stuff that doesn't work for your region...and have the 'straight dope'.....but please don't use them as a showroom for on-line purchases...that is the sort of thing that is contributing to their demise.
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  12. I actually stopped by there this afternoon! The owner was real nice and showed me a few different options. He did, however, recommend I start out fly fishing for trout species as a beginner and move to steelhead and other fish as I gradually improve.
  13. That sounds like excellent advice, get them to help you select your gear. You'll learn skills and get some positive reinforcement. Fishing steelhead can be a lot like selling vacuums door to door.
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  14. Sound advice, unless you're primary interest in fishing is to find new ways to frustrate yourself.
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  15. Can't be worse than actually starting out with flyfishing for steelhead.
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  16. Alright I'll go with the advice that I have been given from multiple sources and pick up trout fishing first. Thanks again everyone for your help!
    I think I'll head over to the shop again tomorrow and pick up my starting gear and I might give Kress lake a try this weekend to practice my cast.
    Since two-pole fishing is allowed I might launch a bait rod as well in hopes of getting some action haha.
  17. Dude..... I am so not a gear snob, but bait and fly at the same time?!? Come on man! Lol

    Hop in your car one of these weekends and head up I5 to my neck of the woods and ill take you out in my pram and show you the true fun that can be had on a lake with a couple of two rod endorsements
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  18. Leave the bait at home, man. Get dialed in on fly fishing.

    Just for sh*ts n giggles I went out on Martha Lake a few days after the opener, knowing it had just been stocked and would be fun. In four hours I landed 39 rainbows on an intermediate line with my damsel nymph. A lot of the fish were congregated in areas near the docks and you should have seen the bait chuckers peering over wondering what the F is going on as I was getting strikes, hooking up, and landing about 1 of each 3 strikes. Doing the math, I think at about 1 fish to 3 strikes, thats about 120 strikes in 4 hours - or a strike about every two minutes. And, yes, this is accurate stuff I'm saying here. Thing is - bait fishing doesn't hold a candle to fly fishing when it's done properly.

    So, learn to fly fish, learn about aquatic insects a bit... and let the bait chuckers gawk as you school them when you're on the put n take waters.
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  19. Haha. Ok, point taken - focus on the flies. Let's hope for the best than!
  20. I went back to the fly shop this morning and ended up getting a echo solo fly rod outfit. The price was good and it's designed for beginner's so I believe it will suffice.

    I'll update after the weekend if I have any luck!
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