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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Trevor Moravec, May 27, 2013.

  1. Good luck!
  2. This is, after all, a fly fishing web site.
  3. Just got back from Kress Lake. It was a beautiful day and quite busy with people, but not much action on the fishing. I missed out on bank access with enough room to really practice my cast, but I did do a little practice with only short distance casting. The water was nice and clear and I could see the occasional bluegill fry nipping at the fly, but nothing of any worth. I only noticed 2-3 fish caught on the lake as well, which appeared to be small rainbows from folks trolling in a boat. I did catch and release a small bull frog haha.

    Couldn't have asked for better weather though!

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  4. You think that is bad. My wife is from Florida and refers to mono as "twine".

  5. I am actually starting out fly fishing for steelhead. It does have potential to bother the crap out of you. However, I feel that fishing for both still allow you to get out of the house and enjoy gods wonderful gift of nature. Oh god that sounded so sappy. Screw it I am running with it.
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  6. Exactly, that's my thinking. I've got free weekends (finally) and would rather be out fishing than sitting in front of the TV.

  7. Honestly man, if steelhead is what you want to go after then go after it. Just understand there are easier stuff to do out there.
  8. Trout is great. Keep at it and you will be rewarded. What weight rod did you get?

    Echo is an excellent choice. I have a couple echo rods and I use them more than my sages.

    Since you live near Vancouver you will have terrific service. I broke my 2 weight tip. My father took the rod to the shop in Vancouver, they shipped a repaired rod back to me that i received ups within 3 days of my dad delivering the rod.
  9. I ended up with a 9' 6 weight. I like it so far, but it has only been one day in a crowded spot so I probably wasn't using it's full potential. I'm thinking about getting a pair of waders on Friday and trying the Kalama as previously mentioned in the thread.

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