Beginner ties for SRC in the salt

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Gary Knowels, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Gary,
    You will find some patterns in books by Les Johnson, Doug Rose, Chester Allen, and Richard Stoll. Good places to start.
  2. I think smaller will definitely catch more fish, but I dont think it matters too much, I've had cutts take four inch long flatwings, but missed a lot of hook sets. The smaller pattern puts the fishes mouth closer to the hook point.
    And good choice of hooks with the ss15's, also try the sc15's if you haven't already. The finer wire, tin coated hooks are the least you could do for the cutty's and I've yet to have one bend or break while fighting searuns. For salmon I would use the beefier variety.

    On a side note I've noticed I have problems trying to mash the barbs, I end up breaking the barb and leaving a ridge. to counter act this I've added a miniscule amount of super glue under the barb so that when I pinch it the little shard of metal stays in the gap
  3. Nice tip thanks! I have noticed that too and have just been gently filing the bump to decrease its edges.
    Appreciate the reply!


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