Beginners beware!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mathman, Sep 5, 2001.

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    the following is a copy of an email I just got from my brother inlaw in Longview. I think it should tell all beginners (myself included) to take a casting class BEFORE you hit the water......

    You want to hear a
    gruesome story? Phil was flyfishing down near where John is buying the house on
    the river and some novice flycaster (casting sidearm) was fishing next to Phil.
    The novice hit him twice on the side of his body (2 different casts) but the
    hook didn't get him. Phil told the guy to watch his back casts. The third time
    was a charm. The dude hooked Phil in the eyeball. Went in the white of his eye
    and it went through his retna. Luckily, Phil grabbed on to the flyline so the
    guy wouldn't yank the eyeball out of the socket. One of the guys on the river
    took him to the emergency room and they got the fly out of his eye. His eye is
    bandaged up now - doctor thinks he has a good chance regaining sight out of the
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    wear glasses, hat....
    As soon as I start to fish, I wear my glasses and a cap. It could rain, be dark, sunny, I'll wear my glasses.