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  1. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    Beginners "When all else fails, I use this fly" swap


    Okay Gang, we all have those flies that we always trust to change a skunk to a successful fishing trip. That's what we're tying for this one. Yeah, I know, I'm asking you to give away your secret flies, but who better to give them to than the fine folks here at WFF.

    As usual, you should be tying less than, let's say, 2 years. This swap is open to any type of fly, dry, streamer, nymph, emerger, what ever.

    Sign up will close on June 25th or when we have a bakers dozen of tyers. (For you really young folks, that's 13). Which ever comes first. Flies will be due to me, not in the mail by, but due to me, on July 26th. That gives us a month of tying to get ready.

    As usual, I'll have a bonus fly in there that is one of my favorites, though not as simple to tie as the last two.

    This will be the last beginners swap I'll be running until September. We should be out fishing as much as possible for the rest of the season.

    Sign up quick then get to tying.

    Oops, My bad! I forgot to post the address.

    Mail your flies in a crush proof container to:

    So far we have

    Vickie Eagle Elk (imagine that)
    Grizzly 6 (ties a nice stimulator, I've fished them)
    Just Learning (Don't let the name fool you, good tyer)
    Lady Bug (My better half, VEE says Hi)
    Griswald (Welcome back for another round)
    Madison Angler (Glad to have you in)
    Jaws (Looking forward to seeing some more of your work)
    BarFly (His flies from the last swap were top notch)
    Flip (Lots of folks from the last swap want to know how to rig their tube flies, for this swap, they gotta have hooks.)
    Last Call (missed you on the last swap, Buddy.)
    CaddisCaster (Welcome aboard)
    Icconrad (Welcome to the swap)
    Stokes (Back for another round also.)

    The swap is full, unless I miscounted.

    Ron Eagle Elk
  2. Vickie Eagle Elk New Member

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    Sign me up!! :)
  3. Warren Perry Grizzly 6

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    I'm not really a beginner but I am certainly no expert Can I get in on this one?

    I will tie a foam bodied stimulator (like the one we used on the Deschutes)

  4. Greg Gilliland Member

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  5. LadyBug New Member

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    Ratings: +0 / 0 we go...I was impressed with the bugs from the last swap...I want some too!!!
    Count me in. :D


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  6. Flip The dumb kid

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    what would it be without me?

    tied down clousers, a bakers dozen, on your doorstep in 5 days =)
  7. Griswald a.k.a. Griswald

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    I would love to participate! I will let you know what I am tyin shortly.
    FLIES from 1st Beginner's swap were awesome!

  8. LeakyTiki Member

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    Hell, if Flip is tyin, I have LOTS of time to get mine in:rofl
    Just kidding, as much as I want in this swap, I will step aside and let others join.

    BTW ....I'll just pilfer Lady Bugs fly box when hers get here
  9. Dan Soltau New Member

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    I may not be a beginner, but if youll allow me I like to donate. Thankyou, good swap.
  10. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Count me in! This will help me speed up my production. I'm keeping the pattern a secret so fellow swapees will be surprised. Can't hardly wait to get that package in the mail and be surprised myself!
    Lady Bug, I'm in love with your avatar image! (The big one seen in your profile...small image doesn't do it justice). What a hottie! (Don't let Leaky Tiki steal these flies...make him pay!)


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  11. Dylan D Member

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    REE -
    I'm in!! Ready for the next one. You know from my previous flies that there's no question about my tying prowess, or lack thereof. ;)
  12. Flip The dumb kid

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    LT you need to watch yourself lol, i fell asleep in andys swap... so dont remind me. ive never had a problem in rons swaps. and besides, im mailing the flys tomorrow morning, so i dont see that they will be late

    hey ron, fill in the gaps please

    Ron Eagle Elk
    8717 whitewood loop
    yelm, WA

    thats all i can remember rofl.:+
  13. lastcall Member

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    I want in this time. I missed out on #2 (did't even see the post until after the swap was filled). I will get my flies to you on time I promise, so please, please, please with a cherry on top, let me in.

    I personally do not have a go to fly for thoes times that I am skunked. My memory is to short to remember what fly worked for me the last time, or else I have to many different flies in the old fly box (boxes). I will take sugestions (help please) or will tie a favorite scrounged from a web site, magazine or book.


    Ed Dahl
  14. Scott Rethke Member

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    I am in to get some sort of nymphs tied for you.

  15. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    CaddisCaster, your in as are those above you. That puts us at 11 tiers. Two slots still open. Leaky Tiki, you sure you don't want in?

  16. lcconrad New Member

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    I'll take one of the last two slots, I have been tying for more than two years, but I am not a pro by any means. I have a peacock and cdc that seems to work mpst places.
  17. Chris Stokesbary Member

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    The magical skunk-be-gone fly, huh?

    I sure could use a box full of those. ; )

    I'm in!

  18. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    Icconrad and Stokes, your in and, unless I miscounted, the swap is full. Thanks to all who are playing, now get busy tying. If all the flies are in before the deadline date of July 26th, I'll mail them out early.

  19. Dan Soltau New Member

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    Thankyou Ron!
    It goes my the name of mistycal magic!
  20. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    Caddis Caster, could you drop me an e-mail. My addy is in my profile.

    For all swappers, if you have any questions about the swap please feel free to drop an e-mail my way (none of that what's the meaning of life questions).


    Just bumping this back up.