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    I've got a couple of WWGrigg rods(Their better rods), a 5wt 4pc and a 6wt 2pc. I also have a couple of Okuma 5-6 weight reels. Probably four spools if I can find them. They cst me about $150 to set up for each rod/reel combo. They are decent, for someone who wants to get started. If your a beginner or have a couple of kids lets me know. I'm more interested in trading for something neat. If you haven't got any knick knacks or flies let me know anyway, If I don't get much of a response I'll probably give the stuff to you. It's just collecting dust. Maybe for a couple of dozen flies from hill's it'll be worth it. (I need some large streames for Lenore)
    Let me know :THUMBSUP
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    Hello i am 20 and thinking about taking up fly fishing i'll be interested in one combo i dont have much to trade but if you dont get many replys and want to let go of one really really cheap :)
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    I would be very interested in the 4-pc and a couple of spools. I am relatively new to the sport and am trying to get my wife into it as well so time on the water can be "quality time" with her. I am still a student so cash is limited. Being new to the sport I don't have much to trade. I'm learning how to tie flys so I could tie you some big streamers but you'd probably rather have Hill's! Let me know.
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    If you still have the 4pc available I'd like to trade or buy. I need a decent 4pc for those bush whacking days. Call me @ 425.706.5631, work number so you can reach me at any time of the day or night in most cases. :CONFUSED